I don't want to live the same life.

I don't want to live the same life.


I don't want a static life

although I wear black every day.

my underwear is colorful.

"& nbsp;"

just talk about such a state of mind.

I know a girl whose hair has never been black since I knew her.

A period of time is auroral color, a period is red,

anyway pink, blue, green, no color she has not dyed.

it's cool, beautiful and in good shape.

she said that she didn't bother herself when she was young.

she was afraid to regret when she was old.

this has always been a sentence that I think is very correct.

what she and I are a bit like is that

she likes to straighten her hair, and I like to order my hands.

I change the color of my nails every once in a while.

when we were in the dorm before graduation,

the most classic scene was:

as soon as we entered the room, some of us were painting our hands and some of us were putting up our feet.

this is very common in the girls' dormitory, and it is the same next door to us,

it's interesting, and this is a scene I miss very much right now.

thinking of the girls showing off in the room,

it feels like we are twenty years old.


young, have the capital to toss about.

also always yell at each other that I should never live a static life.

every time I go shopping,

A row of girls have different finger colors, and

even flip-flops have to be worn in different colors.

mindset will never grow old.

some people can live a chic life with gray hair.

later I thought

when we are 30 years old,

We may not have the publicity of 20 years old,

but we will also have different,

interesting lives of this age.

even we wonder if we want to have an explosive perm when our hair is all white.

all white sounds cool,

but no matter what age,

I don't want to live the same life.


I know a film photographer.

she likes to shoot bands.

Let the band put on all kinds of retro colors and

rows in Houhai.

she has a lot of ideas in her head.

and her Weibo comment is,

I don't want to live the same life.

what is immutable?

is not asking you to go on a one-time trip.

is not asking you to do anything amazing.

is a state of mind.

even if you go to work from nine to five every day,

can make some small changes.

Don't hold back what you want to eat.

losing weight is not a meal.


if you feel that your physical fitness is not good,

that weekend, go for a fitness run.


hold out ten fingers,

feel the element is good monotonous.

apply nail polish.

buy lipstick for yourself.

buy yourself new underwear.

read a book and watch a new movie.

this is all about changing your boring and boring life.

although I am so tired that I miss Rest when I get home.

but that beautiful heart can't disappear.

an interesting person may see you coarsely stingy in dressing up,

turn around, and leave.

the world is not as naive as you think.

who doesn't like people who are good-looking and funny?

this world is a world where you look at your face first, and then you see if you are talented or not.

Beauty adds to talent.

remember to make yourself beautiful and interesting.



Don't live the same life, refuse to be monotonous,

then start with both hands.

Little Odin can peel nail polish,

let you change the color of your nails if you want.

is not monotonous at all.

corset wedding dresses make you look glamorous and magnificent. Our stylish options are gentle on your pocket.

does not have the industrial flavor of ordinary nail polish at all.

100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic, convenient, and simple.

if you don't like this color, then change to a new color.

I went to a friend's party the night before and painted a bright red nail.

but there was another meeting the next day. What should I do?

then use Little Odin to peel off nail polish,

tear off yesterday's carnival and change into a steady nude color.

A girl has to make herself beautiful all the time.

No one doesn't like beautiful women, but on the premise that

you must be an interesting girl,

will be more attractive.


again, beauty is a bonus to talent.

being an interesting beauty is more important than anything else.