I dreamt about you last night.

I dreamt about you last night.

Did you dream about me?

there is a saying about dreams.

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means that if you dream about someone,

not because you miss him more, but because he misses you

will come into your dream.


my best friend is in love.

every time we have a good chat on Wechat, she suddenly says to me apologetically, "Let me take this first." Then I spent hours talking on the phone with my boyfriend.

when she returned home, her boyfriend bought her a bouquet online every day, saying that she would stay at home to grow flowers and eat Rest. Every day, in addition to video and phone calls, Wechat kept getting news, as if he were afraid that his girlfriend would run away.

I haven't seen such a show of love for a long time.

before Jenny broke up, her relationship with her boyfriend was already white-hot. I saw her often come out for a drink and asked her if her boyfriend didn't care. She said, "my boyfriend doesn't care what I'm doing."

when they quarreled, the boy slammed the door and left, "what do I care if you live or die?"

Jenny squatting on the floor, taking care of the mess in the room, a person silently wiped away his tears.

she was sick for some time and sent a message in her moments asking if any friends living nearby could easily take her to the hospital. I asked her, "where's your boyfriend?"

she replied, "I don't know, she didn't reply to my message."

later, it was with the help and care of several friends that Jenny slowly regained its vitality. During this period, my boyfriend only sent a few text messages and didn't even take a look at her.


Mandy is a particularly rational girl I know. She has little love experience, and every time a boy chases her, she needs a long period of assessment, including understanding the boy's character, character, and family background.

she has set herself a whole set of criteria for choosing a boyfriend, such as where to live, where to develop in the future, and how old she will be. Friends have arranged several blind dates for her, and they have also had several good dates.

A blind date was a success. The two people chatted well with each other and agreed to go to the same city for development in the future. Constant contact can also be regarded as a confirmed relationship.

Mandy took him out to dinner with his friends, and the relationship between the two was very delicate as if there was a deliberate courtesy. Pick up a dish, pour a glass of water to say "thank you", accidentally touch the chair or chopsticks fell on the ground, hurriedly said, "excuse me".

at the dinner table, a boy is talking about his recent experience of going skiing. Mandy's boyfriend chimed in, "my favorite sport is skiing." Then I chatted with the boy happily.

Mandy looked a little embarrassed to sit next to him. She whispered to me, "I didn't even know he could ski."

in the past, I thought that it was best to fall in love or talk about feelings, in a rational way that could control our emotions. Because in this way, we can avoid a lot of hysterical pleas, heartbreak without love, and thoughts that can't sleep all night.

I like you a little bit, and I know it.

I can handle it, and I know it.

I just watched Mandy and her boyfriend communicate with each other in a polite and unfamiliar way and said goodbye with respect when they left. I suddenly envied the love model like my best friend.


having good feelings is a prerequisite for communication. are not disgusted with each other, but are willing to try to get along with each other.

Love is a kind of skin-dependent possession. is the same as when a child wants to buy a beloved toy, except that if he is tired of playing with it, he will throw the toy in the corner and make ashes.

Love is fulfillment and possession. you will want to know everything about him. You will want to see him all the time. You will be very happy with him.

I remember that when I was in school, I liked a very pure person. I liked to secretly read every word in his space. I looked at every photo album and wanted to know what he was doing, so I couldn't help asking him, "what are you doing?"

I love you, so I want to have everything about you. I want to know the details about you. I want to know if I appeared in the dream you had last night.