I just like you.

I just like you.

The light in everyone's eyes has the appearance of a lover, and everyone who loves has a different way. Our love can't be customized, and it doesn't make any sense. The person who knew it would be difficult, but still wanted to get close, laughed like a fool when I thought of you, which was different from what I had imagined.


the one you love is gorgeous, and the one you love is mundane, so we all seem to have to manually check the specific terms for that particular person before we are tempted. For example, be taller, wear your shirt straight and straight and casual, have fun, don't dye your hair, don't have a small belly, or go straight, you'd better love to eat and play, you must like dogs, you must like me.

but do we have to fall in love with that particular person?

his name is Hu Yimei. Even after being a friend for so many years, I still dislike his indescribable name. Lao Hu is a civil servant who likes to drink after official duties every day. A few years ago, when his belly was gradually protruding, Lao Hu was still a handsome teenager sitting in a big stall drinking with a group of little girls. The beautiful girls he likes, all with white skin and long legs, have a unique look, and they also have a common attribute-extraordinary culinary skills.

Old nonsense has never eaten his mother's cooking since childhood, so his girlfriend must be able to tie his stomach.

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under Lao Hu's rigid index of cooking, I often follow the meal, and the taste is light, white and burning, some stir-fried and fragrant, and some good soup to nourish the liver and protect the stomach. No matter how the girls around Lao Hu change, a table of good food will never change.

but just a year ago, the temptation on Lao Hu's table began to be occupied by takeout boxes. He fell in love with a man who never went into the kitchen. This is really not good news. It is said that love is eating many meals together, but can love bear the takeout of three meals a day?

out of curiosity, I went to Lao Hu's house for a takeout at the restaurant downstairs. Contrary to what I expected, the meal was particularly enjoyable. The girl is not beautiful, but she looks alive. They talked about movies, home furnishings, new strange fruits in the supermarket, and imitated the man who was motionless all the way in the subway. I was so amused that I bent over. I didn't remember which chef's craftsmanship came from the dishes on the plate.

the girl said, instead of doing something I don't want to do with a little grievance to make Lao Hu happy, it's better to make myself happy at every meal. Old Hu said, the girl is very cute, everything is happy, eat something delicious and be happy like the Chinese New year.

I said, is the meal good?

Lao Hu said, I don't remember, it seems to be delicious.


he doesn't remember the taste of takeout, only the lovely appearance of a bright girl appears at the table of every meal.

he doesn't seem to remember one of the necessary conditions he put forward in front of his feelings. there is no way for us to meet all the requirements of another person, just don't give up in any relationship and let yourself become a person who loves life and can find the joy of life.

or, the person who can make people say that they are willing to be worth a second is not screened out by drawing a circle against the model at all, but our inexplicable emotion, until the two of us become a circle and roll into the world of mortals.

I am not afraid that the future of hope will not come, and I am not afraid that the days I look forward to will be lost. I am just afraid that I will no longer dare to break all my plans, change my route, and say how stupid it is to risk my life in the face of lonely sea level. We hold the pick-up card of our ideal mate, and the dust and sand raised by passers-by confuse our eyes and hearts.

what kind of people should be loved? some people are really tempted and patient to hide their fastidiousness and communicate with each other. They can say whatever they want, true or false. But only the eyes can not, that is the source of true feelings. in so many days and nights, no one can help but look at his lover more than once. and at this glance, the starlight in the expression will ripple out, won't it?

the light in everyone's eyes looks like a lover, and everyone who loves has a different way. Our love can't be customized, and it doesn't make any sense. the person who wants to get close to someone who knows it will be difficult and is obviously different from what he imagined, I laugh like a fool when I think of you as if I had eaten a lot of the sky.?

We have not become people who have nothing to worry about, but you make me feel so different on my way to and from work every day. I seem to see ten thousand people who are not as alive as I am. These will make my face glow of love, probably only a daughter is difficult to buy I am willing. I don't necessarily fall in love with that particular person, and I don't always fall in love with a very good person, but everyone I love is so special.

I may not be convinced to happily gamble on the unknown with a loved one, but I will certainly admit both good and bad. After all, it is hard for many people to have the first six words of this sentence. We are often invincible in true love, making great efforts to distinguish the distance between the right person and the wrong person, making unswerving promises, some eloquent words, some arrogant words, and some determined flow of water.

the world is full of life because of this love.

also because love cannot be uniformly required to be what it should be, it is so interesting to look like fireworks in the world.

someThings can be beautiful, such as I fall in love with you.

there are other things that are more beautiful, such as I see our dark, paranoid but still love you.

and your love for me allows for the differences we were born with.

the world is broad, but I love you biased.

I feel good about all the faces I've played with love.

but all of the hundred imaginations I have planned are not as good as yours.

A pear blossom presses begonia.