I just want to find someone who is nice to me.

I just want to find someone who is nice to me.

Two people quarrel, you coax me a few words, say a few nice words, who will argue with you what ah, it just depends on your attitude.

I am a very easy person to coax.

the kind that can cheer me up with a little sweetness.

maybe this sentence applies to you as well. It may be that the edges have been worn off, or it may be that you are born in a hurry, or you may be too lazy to worry. Every time someone asks me what kind of boyfriend you want to find, I think you should be very demanding. I said you really guessed wrong. I think the person who will marry in the end, as long as he can coax me and be nice to me. this may be what many girls often say, coaxing and spoiling you like a child, this should be the greatest requirement.

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I have a good temper and know how to coax. Whether it is to my family, friends, or my boyfriend, unless it is a matter of principle, usually no more than five minutes, I will no longer be angry. If you meet a considerate boy, or even just make me a cup of hot tea, say, I was wrong, don't be angry, this kind of small gentleness can make me happy for a long time. because I know that the other person has me in his heart, that's enough.

coaxing people is a technical job. Girls love it. After boys have mastered it, many things get twice the result with half the effort. especially on festivals such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, God is creating a good atmosphere for you to date, express your love and propose. Don't you get a ride on such a holiday?


Xiang Xiang is a good friend of mine. She works as a writer in a lifestyle company. In her spare time, we will go shopping, eat, manicure and get eyelashes. the thing girls love is to make themselves beautiful, including mood. the day before yesterday was Sunday, and she asked me out to Blue Harbor with haze. My eyes were so tearful that I thought haze choked me. When I asked her what was going on, she said she quarreled with her boyfriend and he ignored her all day. She wanted to contact him, but she was so stubborn that she didn't want to pull down this face first, because it was not her fault. After a few small quarrels, the boy actually had a cold war, and she was no longer angry. As a result, he was angry because of his indifferent attitude. He just looked at his cell phone all day and checked every five minutes to see if he had replied to her. As a result, the whole day was almost over.

she and her boyfriend haven't been together for long, and they haven't quarreled before, so she can never see that he is such a boy who can't trick people when things happen. She is just like me, we are all very easy to coax. two people quarrel, you coax me a few words, say a few nice words, who will argue with you what ah, it just depends on your attitude. I admit it when I'm wrong, and I have to coax you when I'm right, how is that possible, but people with a good temper take care of it, so the relationship between couples becomes more and more out of balance. Chen Xiaochun said in Gu Qizai: if a man is thick-skinned enough, then he is already half successful in chasing girls. such a simple truth, but few people can do it.

I sent a message to Xiang Xiang's boyfriend, summed up roughly what she said to me, and expressed it to him from the point of view of a bystander: I said that she has been waiting for you to reply to her message all day. Cold War, like haze, is silently entering the body to hurt people. Girls can coax them. If you still like her, you should not leave her alone to heal herself like this.?. If everyone is like this, then there is no need to fall in love. he replied to me, "I just want to cool her down, so I can calm down. I say no, if you calm down again, you two will be dead. How come there is such a lack of communication between people now? go and coax her quickly." He replied well.

at seven o'clock yesterday, Xiang Xiang sent me a small video as happily as crazy. I clicked on it. It was her boyfriend who had been dialed before she got off work. She went to her living room and put a Christmas tree on it, which was hung with her favorite Lipton Christmas limited color balls, chocolates, small toys, and so on. He said, "I shouldn't have a cold war with you yesterday. I just hope I can make you happy. I put this Christmas tree in your house ahead of time. Don't be angry." Xiang Xiang said that he spoke like a teenage boy. Her heart suddenly softened and she didn't care what quarrel she had yesterday.

there is a description in the Gift of Maggie, which he wrote at the end of the story: "here, I have clumsily introduced to you the plain story of the two silly kids who live in an apartment." they unwisely sacrificed their most precious things for each other. But let's say one last word to today's wise people that of all those who give gifts, those two are the smartest. Of all the people who give and receive gifts, people like them are also the smartest. They are the smartest people anywhere. because they got something more precious: love. "

eventually we all want to find the one who is nice to us, but everyone wants to be loved, and there has to be someone to love and give.

in such a lovely holiday,

remember to do something for the other person to make him /her happy.

I hope we all have the ability to love.