I like you, but I can only like you until I like you.

I like you, but I can only like you until I like you.


A girl e-mailed me the other day saying that she had been fond of a boy around her for many years. When they were young and went to college, they all came to Beijing at the same time to take care of each other. She was afraid of losing him, so she never told the boy that she liked him. She was afraid that if she told him, they would not even be friends. So always by his side, the boy also takes care of the girl, always like this, good friend.

on the 17th, the girl got married. Before getting married, she sent a message to the boy Wechat: for so many years, I used to like you. my eyes ached when I saw the words\ & quot; I used to like you\ & quot;. However, what makes me feel even more uncomfortable is the text after the girl, she said. The boy replied to her: I like you, too, until now, but I can only like you so far. I wish you happiness, my bride.

it turns out that they are afraid to break this relationship and lose each other, so they all hide their love silently.

after sending this message, the boy changed Wechat's cell phone number. Until now I asked her how she was yesterday, and she said she still couldn't find it, but she wouldn't look for it again, because she was married. In the past, it ended on the wedding day. From then on, all the stories and hidden feelings are known only to yourself, and only when you love your partner wholeheartedly do you feel fair to each other.

I like you, but I can only like you until I like it.

people have a hunch when you know that someone is about to leave you.

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this is regardless of sex, everyone will see the details of life.

everyone may have the regret that they like someone, but the other person has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course you want them to break up in your heart, but you're not sure if she will be happier with you than she is now. However, compared to the risk of losing her, you will still stand in the distance to care about her, but will not be with her. The process is tangled and painful.

the one you love most doesn't take possession but lets them choose the best life.

for the emotional person, this is the greatest sacrifice and generosity.

not touching is the best state.

in Let Life and death

Chen Ximi writes about Shi Tiesheng, who has left:

I also had a dream reunion in my diary:

We sat in two corners of the room

looking at each other from a distance

without saying a word, looking at each other with all my heart and soul

until both of them burst into tears. Whether it is the death of leaving or alive to leave, can not go to see each other's dynamics, can not look at each other's eyes, because it is bound to see the emotional oneself. people who really pierce [love] this layer of window paper will find it difficult to be friends again.

if I like someone, I play and laugh with her and take care of her, but I get cold feet when it comes to [together]. Showing timidity in the face of straightforward feelings is the disease of many people.

so many people become unemotional people.

chase the wind and catch up with the moon, but show no mercy.

it's not against the law to like people, but I can only like them until I like them.

good, the dust will always settle.

mention someone at the wine bureau and turn red once.

when you see an old love, all the emotions are only enough for a smile.

is enough, just enough.

to like you, it's enough.