I made myself so conspicuous, just to make you remember me.

I made myself so conspicuous, just to make you remember me.


We've met before,

but you forgot.

I make myself so exaggerated.

I want you to remember me.

I don't know if you have noticed.

with one look, you can see whether a man and a woman can talk to each other.

when you notice a person,

you don't know, your eyes are floating.

in a large number of people,

two people who share the same taste will quickly lock in on each other, and

every move after that seems like a hint to each other.

even everything you do becomes exaggerated.

talks to the person next to you as if nothing has happened, deliberately raising the volume and tone of voice.

you need to use your body to help you describe something.

take a peek at her from time to time to see if you notice yourself.

this series of actions imply to each other: come and hook me up.

whether a person is interested in you or not,

you can tell by his eyes.

some people have a direct-looking personality.

I like you, so I will stare at you.

the mugs staring at your face are about to melt.

you may even think that it is because your eyes are not wiped clean.

there is another kind of person who is a dodging personality. The more he likes you, the more he dares not to look directly at you.

he only dares to peek.

like a paparazzi with a long focus,

watching everything about you from a distance.

when you are not interested in a person, you don't bother to move at all.

when you invest a lot in a person, you will pay attention to the way you dress.

every day without changing clothes or lipstick color, you will feel old.

I hope that person can see himself.

is very different every day.

it's really interesting between people. Those who have feelings, they can always get in touch with each other. If you don't feel anything, you won't think about it even if you watch it a hundred times. Wong Kar-wai said in the movie, "I saw that woman again that night. I knew I might not be a bosom friend or friend with her." Because we have too many opportunities to pass by, the clothes are torn, and we don't see any sparks. "

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people who are not to their taste are like adding soy sauce to a fruit salad, or like broken mangosteen that cannot be peeled off.

spoil the fun.


in the fallen Angels, Karen Mok said to Dawn:

do you know why I dye my blond hair?

I want you to remember me.

you hit on me before, when I had long hair.

Don't you remember when you called someone Baby,?

Dawn said I don't remember.


for those you like,

wish they could see themselves in the corner.

but I am so cool that I don't know how to be hot.

but don't rule out accidents.

the right person can find you wherever you hide.

A group of people gathered together, and they all noticed the boy.

so they tried to show themselves, trying to get his attention.

the boy talked and laughed with them,

but fell in love with the girl sitting in the corner drinking alone.

people say that love can change a person.

I find myself more and more handsome.

even the hair turned blond.

maybe my mother is Russian.