I might need a dose of freshness.

I might need a dose of freshness.


all say that clothes are not as good as the new,

but I still need the fresh agent of love.

everyone may experience this kind of love.

when you first get together, you are willing to give everything to each other.

her frown and smile touch your heart.

when it is cold, she will bring an extra piece of clothes when she goes out.

on a rainy day, she will ask her if she brought an umbrella, but she didn't take me to pick her up.

three meals a day will ask her if she eats on time, and will buy her something she likes as a surprise.

at the beginning of love, both boys and girls think about each other all the time.

also, pay attention to their image, and even start to find fault with themselves everywhere.

because I'm going on a date with her, be sure to shave well and dress cleanly and manly.

girls also begin to care about their small details.

what to do? I stayed up late last night and had heavy dark circles under my eyes. I can't let him see it.

how to wear short sleeves will see accessory breasts. Why do you suddenly feel so bad;

what to do? the skin is so bad recently, will he dislike me and don't like me?

at the beginning of love,

everyone feels that they have many shortcomings.

for fear that he will run away with others by accident,

so he always has some inferiority complex.

but once we have been together for some time,

lovers begin to become unscrupulous.

go to his own home and take off his shoes and bag.

clothes are casually thrown on the sofa.

pick up a bag of potato chips and squat in front of his computer and open them.

it doesn't matter how you look, and

your hair is messy.

and then it may develop to, oh, just to see him.

the old husband and wife don't need to clean up at all, and they don't need to wash their faces and hair.

anyway, he's mine, so he can't run away.

but many people feel that love over a long period becomes old and

becomes less glamorous.

when the happy one shows love,

there must be one person licking the wound in the dark.

the longer the days, the more contradictions sometimes accumulate.

because they know each other too well,

so many things are taken for granted without explanation and

allow each other to misunderstand.

anyway, we're bound, so it doesn't matter.

and at this time, a lot of side feelings will take advantage of the emptiness.

it's not that you are no longer in love,

but that you have been in love for too long.

the machine needs refueling after running for a long time, and the love space between you needs to be cleaned up.

A realistic story,

A friend of mine, Xiao Q, her boyfriend bought her a very expensive bag.

when she first started together, she went out with him with that bag on her back every day.

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then they talked for three years, and the bag was still in a corner.

she feels that everything is not as fresh as it was when we first got together.

is just like the bag in the corner. Although their love is as valuable as that bag,

it has been covered with the dust of the years.

I feel that without a hand that brushes the dust off my heart,

everything becomes dim and dull.

after being familiar with everything, they are no longer interested in quarreling.

but one day Xiao Q still went home tired.

after opening the door, she found that the bag had become particularly new and placed on the table.

she was surprised, like ripples on an ordinary day.

then his boyfriend came out of the room.

he said that when he put them together, he took care of the first bag he bought for her.

I hope to remember how they first began to be together during the three-year itch.

"there may be some dust between us, and I feel it, so let me pat the dirt. I hope you carry it on your back. We want to go on a date like we used to, and I still love you as before."

Xiao Q said that she was extremely moved at that time,

well, these are all other people's boyfriends,

for couples who have been together for a long time, they may not be bothered to do something romantic.

so there will be a lot of unnecessary problems.

Love also needs to communicate and needs to be renovated.