I never break down, because I am never intact.

I never break down, because I am never intact.


I never collapse,

because I am never intact.

I don't care what people say about me.

I only use a ruler to measure how much they say about me.

when people can be happy,

why do they spend time sad and sad?

those moments that happen at the moment that you think is meaningless,

often turn out to be the mark of the whole period of your life.

-Andy Warhol-

bands & nbsp; bands

my best friend and I are very fond of the underground velvet band.

she studied design, and I studied photography.

probably when I was a freshman, our class went to Pingyao for a film festival.

I bought a lot of old CDs for her at a cool local CD store.

one of my favorite discs is the famous banana cover album made for them by Andy Warhol.

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in this album, there is a song called I\ & # 39th 11 be your mirror.

We both like it very much.

there is a sentence, "if you can let me be your eyes and give me your hand, then your night will no longer be afraid."

the maiden's heart burst out.

then she went to England to study design.

just last month, she suddenly sent me a picture of a steaming banana cup.

says she is in love and is an Asian boy.

it's already cold in England, and she's already wrapped in a thick coat.

they have the same hobbies and like the same band.

they even like the same color and have the habit of gnawing on their fingers, and they are now working together to get rid of this bad habit.

I'm so happy to see her excited. She can count every bright spot she likes for every boy with long eyelashes.

then I asked her, how did he chase you?

she said it was simple and not exaggerated.

it's getting cold in England, and when we walk at night, you know, we're both afraid of the dark.

the street lamp is not very bright, he is standing next to me, the weather is getting cold in England, my stomach is not very good, so he and I always go out with a thermos cup for Scald. The steam smoked his glasses white that day, and he lovingly grasped my hand and sang me the velvet I\ & # 39\ 'll be your mirror.

"in my eyes, he was so sweet and warm that he pounced on my face like hot steam."

"like hot steam in winter."

I've been thinking, maybe that's how everyone feels.

may not need to be flashy, but sweet enough.

maybe girls don't want much.

A girl may need someone to talk to.

the point is that he is still willing to take the time to talk to you.

spend time with you, spend time in front of you and become a naive child.

take the time to be childish and cute on yourself.

you may quarrel, but you will soon make up.

for example, you will fall in love with a person when you see a stupid look that belongs to him.

and the moment she falls in love with him is when the steam fumigates his glasses.

she kisses him.

Yes, there must be a moment like this.

the emotional point of people is very strange.

maybe he subconsciously drags you to the safe side of the road, and

you fall in love with him.

when he buries his head and eats like a pig,

you fall in love with him.

he pours you a glass of Scald and blows the water carefully for fear that when you burn it,

you will fall in love with him.

when your aunt or stomachache, he carefully brings you a thermos cup with a Scald that won't get cold.

you fall in love with him.

like my best friend,

I like his stupidity, his carefulness, his sense of security.

in front of our loved ones, we all become sunshine.

warm and comfortable.

if you love someone like this, we all become warm conductors.

I\ & # 39 strong ll be your mirror,

We reflect and warm each other,

I am you, you are me.