I prefer an A4 heart to an A4 waist.

I prefer an A4 heart to an A4 waist.

The most beautiful moment for a woman is not a delicate moan without illness, but because we look delicate but full of max boyfriends.


I am a girl born with a pear-shaped figure. Like everyone else,

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I can sit in the office all day with backache and all the meat is piled up in my buttocks.

before, my friends always called me baby penguins.

I walk with twists and turns, and I don't want to look so "cute" in appearance, but I wish I had a pair of model skins and a "cute" heart.

I followed a lot of fitness girls and travelers on ins.

I was surprised by an American star mother who even kept exercising when I was pregnant, and there were two healthy waistcoat lines on my belly.


since high school, I have always wanted a bird leg like Korean Ping Mo.

it's a pity that I am a pair of small thick legs.

at that time, I tried my best to lose weight, but because of my physique, all the weight loss methods were not satisfactory, either ruining my stomach, or my complexion was not good, and it was very unhealthy.

I saw that Papi jam kept tossing about itself in order to keep fit, but in the end, it didn't have any effect on shaping the body, and then chose a reasonable diet and healthy exercise. Instead, it kept a good figure, but the fat was much tighter.

A few days ago, photos were posted on the Internet to show off their A4 waist, but many people did not find that the so-called beautiful body is actually symmetrical, compared with that pair of chopsticks like bird legs, full of muscle lines of the body, is what we should pursue.


maybe I prefer an A4 heart to an A4 waist.

relax your mind and enjoy your body instead of asking for your body in order to feel the feedback of a comfortable body.

Last year, a classmate of mine who graduated from high school got married and became a mother.

now is the time for her child to be cute and photogenic. She used to be very untidy at ordinary times, and now she has completely become a hot mother. From 138 jin after giving birth, she worked hard to get fit, run, eat properly, combined with slimming cream and yoga. Now she has a 105 jin s-shaped curve and a good figure. When she is holding the baby, she is confident and happy.

having a healthy body and a happy state of mind is really more important than anything else.

all types of people, especially women, should enjoy the happiness of freedom and good figure through a healthy lifestyle.

tells you that a sexy figure requires internal health, external smearing, and

every girl can enjoy the self-confidence brought by her body.

from now on to June 20,

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We should not only love ourselves, but also fall in love with our S-shaped beautiful curve.

waist /legs /buttocks, when we face the mirror, we want to see our most perfect body.


in fact, when a girl has a healthy body and attractive body,

you will find that there are many closed doors open to you in the world,

because when you are confident in your body,

others will be infected by your healthy state of mind.

the most beautiful moment for a woman is not a delicate groan without illness,

but because of our seemingly delicate but full of max boyfriends,

you are charming and your posture is up to you.