I really hate you.

I really hate you.

Don't listen to me as if I am very aggrieved. In fact, I have a big temper. I beg you not to go. I also want to raise a few decibels on purpose. It seems that the louder my voice is, the more I can scare off the tigers between us. It is a pity that I am not a sniffed rose, I am a wild rose that you like to see or not. In the word "serious", put it where you can't see it.


I got into the car after saying a vicious son of a bitch. Your helpless face was reflected in the rearview mirror. Maybe the light was too dim, and I actually saw that you looked a little sad. Shit, here we go again, but don't expect me to find you again. I said it several times with clenched teeth in my heart.

what a nuisance. It's the red light again. I hate your mood, just as I hate the red light now. But what can we do? we still have to wait.

I drank too much two years ago. I smashed wine bottles madly in your store. One, two, three, four, to the fifth, you showed up, took all the bottles on the table, and looked at me ferociously. I don't know what you said in a mess. You spoke patiently for a long time, but I didn't hear a word clearly. All I remember is that in the end, like a magic trick, you suddenly handed me a bowl of wonton. I looked at the steaming soup as if I had found my soul, and there was nothing left to eat.

I think it was probably from then on that you unexpectedly got into my head with no room for negotiation. From then on, I seized the opportunity to take care of your business, come and go, and you gradually began to laugh and talk to me about a lot of romantic debts, as well as some boring pressure. As a matter of fact, what you say is not very funny, but you love to laugh. When you laugh, I think, oh, I'll go, what the bad friends are talking about is still good, maybe it's still true.

you accompany me to eat, go shopping and watch movies, and I'll run, swim and buy furniture with you. Everything seems to have come to fruition, but nothing has happened. Damn you, you said it was exasperating. You don't even know what kind of medicine I have to take for dysmenorrhea. Don't you really think about what's going to happen between us next? You clearly said that love is really love, but why do you want to turn around and say that not all love can be happy?


you are really annoying because every time you say something, it sounds inexplicably reasonable. You try to scare me off, but you have been unwilling to put out my unquenchable luck with a brittle fire. I know, you are not unbearable, in fact, every time you hold me, and immediately withdraw the hand is really cruel.

you know, I've actually been waiting for you. In front of the fruit shelf in the supermarket, in the mess of the kitchen for help, I tried to walk forward regardless of it, but every time the dream gave me a finger. I followed it to a more obsessive distance.

the verses in the book are wantonly building mirages in the distance, and now I am not driving in front of my eyes, but with the endless demolition that should be in the city.

all these years, I have not been in love, and neither have you, so I am unscrupulous to love you as a hobby, not to be proud. Melt for you, melt the cream in the ice cream, turn into dust raised by the wind, turn into a handful of ashes scattered in mid-air. I am originally a person who is afraid of life and death, but you, I dare not even catch a cold.

I love to drink and I'm always drunk, so I can't stay awake every time I see you, so before I fully realize what loss is, let's just miss every intersection and stop meeting and looking at each other, okay?

alas, but you, ah, how can you care? besides, I, ah, I am not just talking about it every time.

maybe there will always be a kind of person who appears in our lives, and every time we look back, we feel that no matter how much wine is drunk for nothing, no matter how calm we are, we will be torn to pieces in a look back. Life is simply random ah, unreasonable and very narrow-minded life and death do not allow themselves to forget.

just like now, I've been driving away from you for dozens of minutes, but I can still glance out of the window and find that your name is carelessly hidden on the billboards around me. Really not framing you, you are so annoying, how can you appear so lightly, but failed to complete the ambush with 80 episodes of the series. You are the British and American TV season. Let me watch the screen and guess and wonder what the next broadcast will have to look forward to.

Our collection has the petite prom dresses to exceed your expectation. Buy your favorite and desired clothing now.


you see, you always seem to have a way to make me happy at once, but you are too cunning, just like these slippery chaos. I adjusted my way several times with chopsticks, but I couldn't taste it. A little bit of bitterness got stuck in the throat, but fortunately there was some sweetness on the tip of the tongue. In fact, I know that I am such a messy person, just want to be happy, in any way. Although I love, I will not say that there is anything I love most. I am afraid that this will hinder the arrival of something I love more.

I know I can't avoid you again, so I might as well bump into your arms with tears. Overflowing is that I love you, although I understand that I love you, not as much as we love ourselves. I scolded you after eating chaos and went upstairs with a smile. I felt so sleepy when I entered the elevator. I just played a song called "Tiger's Escape" on the radio. The love sung in the song is like a speeding subway. But mine, like a Yawn, not going anywhere is trapped by your side.

I think I must go to bed after taking a shower, as if only sweet dreams can satisfy my hunger. They become any scenery floating on land and decorate my life like you, but I don't have any position to give you a reward.

Don't listen to me as if I am aggrieved. In fact, I have a big temper. Even if I beg you not to go sometimes, I will deliberately raise a few decibels, as if the louder my voice is, the more I can scare off the tigers between us. It's a pity that I justNot a rose that is sniffed, I am the wild rose that opens freely whether you like it or not. Carelessly like you, seriously two words, or put you can not see the place to talk about it.

Life is cruel, but what are you afraid of? I can be cooler anyway. Too cool to care how we end up. I really don't care. I never lie. I don't believe you are close to me. I like to hold me tight. Give it a try. Otherwise, how can you know that I am really lying to you?

maybe after I really deceive you, you will find that I will look more lovely when I have been infatuated with you with great fanfare over the years.


all right, stop talking, I'm really going to bed. You mustn't tell me some aboveboard apologies with guilt tomorrow. I just hate you. Do me a favor. Don't make me hate myself by the way.

good night, everyone. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. In fact, everyone must know me, because I am the ordinary and common one in the sea of people, living in every person who loves aimlessly around me. Live in the shadow of every one who can't love yet give up.

my name is Tianya, my beloved, leave all your travels with me.