I think of you as a friend, but what about you?

I think of you as a friend, but what about you?


every girl should have had several girlfriends when she was a child.

go to the bathroom together, take homework together, hand out test papers, and read them together. They will like the same boy and will go to the playground to stroll around to see the most handsome boys who play basketball.

I remember when I was in junior high school, three girls had a good relationship with each other.

then they dispersed in twos and threes.

later I found that there were a lot of friends in a group of three, and in the end, there were always two who were not so close. Let's set them as the A/B/C trio for the time being.

my three girls in junior high school A, B, C, found that the relationship between An and B is very good, C and B are also very good, but An and C are average.

later I found that this relationship applies not only to girls but also to boys.

among several people who have a good relationship, there are always two people who have the best relationship.

one of the things that makes me sad is that in the relationship between the three people, I tried my best to be nice to a girl and talked to her about everything, but then I found out that she didn't regard me as a friend. In the group chat of the three people, she never spoke from the bottom of her heart, but would quietly send Wechat to another girl to tell her what was on her mind, while I told her everything like an idiot.

I think of her as a friend, but she treats me as a passer-by.

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later, I found out that no one has to have no one. I just feel a little sad. When I treat a person well from the bottom of my heart, I don't get the same treatment, which is the same for love.

losing a friend is like being lovelorn.

kind-hearted people always treat others as friends. When others treat themselves a little better, we show each other our hearts. We know nothing about each other, but the other person knows everything about us.

it's just too easy to think of others as friends.

that's the way I am. I see everyone is a good person, and I don't guard against anyone, so I'm very easy to be deceived. I believe this is not my fault.

I remember that a friend of mine used to do things like this. He said: when I come into contact with a group of strangers, I will first acquiesce that the other person is stupid so that when I find out that they are all good, there will not be much difference in my mind. I won't get hurt.

I think it's good for him to be like this. after all, we are not children anymore. adults are more vulnerable and more likely to get hurt than children. children cry and cry out in the past, adults are different, no matter how deep the injury is, they just hide and don't talk about it.

that's all for today. I hope you who are kind-hearted will protect your hearts.

is valuable. show it to people who want to listen to you.