I try to make me reluctant to treat myself badly.

I try to make me reluctant to treat myself badly.

How to refuse to make do with reasonable grounds!

when my best friend returned to being single in her old age, she opened a window that showed her a lot of things. Once, she met an angry potential stock, and after getting to know the pleasantries, she found that the person was not suitable for her, so she politely refused. Potential stocks are angry and ask me how you can be so material, but I am a potential stock. You know, don't you see my true feelings? She asked him if he had any plans to get married soon.

he said no. He has always thought that I am not suitable for early marriage and should focus on my career. I will not consider getting married until my career is stable. She said that's why I don't like you. Once, she met an excellent blind date, full of joy. But the other party is always hot and cold, neither salty nor light, and refuses to take the initiative. Think that the woman has always been responsible for seducing, the man is responsible for confessing, her responsibility has been fulfilled, the other side did not say, or do not violate the law of male initiative in nature, chic and walk away, so delete the contact information and no longer contact. A few days later, the other party sent a text message asking why the contact information was deleted, and she answered frankly that maybe you have more choices and look around, so I won't make an alternative to embarrass you.

he said that if we can be friends and get to know each other, even if it doesn't work out, we can enjoy a kind of emotion and an attitude. Along the way, someone who can speak warm words will not be lonely. She said thank you, no. Many times, she was asked by the people around her to be "almost". For example, if she asked the other party to have at least a bachelor's degree, they would say that the education did not representability; she asked the other party to have at least a matching height. Immediately, an elder told her that Grandpa Deng was not tall and did a lot of work. She asked the other party to match at least three values with roughly the same interest. At least she screamed strangely like Monica's I knew it. He didn't think she was suffering from snake sperm but smiled to know who her humor was with Monica. They said she was too hypocritical and petty-bourgeois. She asked me, am I too picky? I said no, you just don't want to be unkind to your efforts. Those who appreciate her non-ugly and stable work are happy to accept such a result, but they don't know how hard she fought for it in the process; they don't know that his daily food intake in the process of reducing from a fat girl of 130 jin to 90 jin makes him too hungry to sleep and cry in the middle of the night. They did not know that she started from a strong girl in trousers who angrily began to wear her feet and had to wear high heels to squeeze the bus because she refused to express her love; they did not know that she gave up her only day off for the sake of a physical temperament dream to get up early to attend physique classes regardless of summer, rain, winter, and snow for two years. What is more, they do not know that she has worked hard to have a better workspace and growth opportunities, and has peeled off her skin three times by relying on her certificate; what they do not know is that because they have experienced it, they know that choice is more important than hard work. She, knows more about the emotional cost, the cost of time, and the precious cost. The cruelest thing in the world is that those who are better than you work harder than you. So she is relatively not excellent to become better, pays more extra efforts, knows more about the cost of effort, so more knows how to cherish themselves, more know-how to take care of themselves, more know how to give themselves a consummation. For a potential stock brother who did not complete his career and did not get married, no matter how good a girl can only be a stepping stone to witness his success or failure before his career is successful, there is no way to pay your high growth price for the moment of witnessing success, because the bride is not necessarily waiting for her. The most important thing is that there are no so-called potential stocks in this era. Children who began to work hard yesterday are more or less small blue-chip stocks today. Although there are different personal evaluation criteria, they did not try to become today's potential stocks yesterday, but they pinned their hopes on tomorrow. There is no need for others to pay tuition fees for other people's lives.

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so, she's right. Therefore, for the ambiguous brother who only plays ambiguous and does not talk about marriage, for costly life choices, a girl's self-esteem and self-confidence will not lead to your selfishness. And the girl's self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-confidence are achieved in her efforts, and she has worked hard to know that she has worked hard, so she puts herself in the position of a spare tire. I am sorry for my efforts. So, she's right. As for the people who let the girls "almost do it", they are just a sentence of pleasantries and sermons to find a sense of existence, but my choice determines the happiness of the girl's own life. You should be lucky. You are sure that I know what kind of person I want because the less you pick a boyfriend, the less likely you are to marry. It's like being asked what you eat at the dinner table, and you say whatever you want. In the end, what you eat is not what you want to eat. Because you don't even know what you want to eat.

so, she's right. So I think a girl like her knows the value of hard work and self-worth because of hard work, and will not casually put herself in a position of lack of love. all her efforts have given her a better self and a more confident self. I'm more sure of what I need. Because of certainty and not afraid of temporary loneliness and occasional fragility, responsible for their own choices, cherish their own cost of living. So for those girls who often encounter unscrupulous "scum men's vacuum cleaners", shouldn't you reflect on yourselves, hurt you, and every time, the root cause of your disregard for yourself? is it because you have worked hard enough to improve yourself and underestimate the cost of your injury? If you work hard, are you willing to get hurt? Do your efforts make you reluctant to treat yourself badly? When the flowers were in full bloom in spring, I received a red invitation from her. I asked her, what kind of person did you meet with him? She said, as the saying goes, you will meet what kind of person you are, of course, a person like me. How beautiful, the same efforts to improve themselves, but also cherish themselves, and then let the best of themselves, meet TA.