I want to live longer for the people I love.

I want to live longer for the people I love.

Love is the meaning of companionship.

with the increase of age, staying up late and irregular diet have made my body in a complete state of sub-health. There is no big problem in the data when I go for a physical examination, but the whole person is always weak because of lack of exercise and irregular diet. When I realized this problem, when I was 25 years old, it was not too late, and I was still able to keep in good health, not the kind of beer with two wolfberries in it. It's the real law of life.

I've been talking for a long time because yesterday when I was chatting with a friend of the prodigal son in 1991, he said to me, which shocked me, he said:

We discussed the prototype of this problem because we both watched the TV series "the Spring Wind is not as good as you". We both agree very much that we used to be "Xiao Hong", daring to love and hate regardless of the consequences, but since we have grown up, In the beginning, we all become more "Zhao Yingnan". This is because this kind of maturity is to be able to live longer for the people we love.

We choose our partners carefully

because we don't have time to waste time on fruitless flirting.

when chatting with a female friend,

she also conveyed that we prefer to find someone who is spiritually matched.

everything is more realistic and marketable than it was in school.

this stems from the fact that stability is the premise of freedom,

turbulence is not, turbulence will become a shackle.

work hard every day.

it doesn't matter how much money you earn to buy gifts for yourself.

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Today I just received a bag I bought a long time.

I can't put it down.

Age and experience also make me understand what my mother said that I would rather save money to buy a decent thing and keep the house clean and tidy than to buy a bunch of junk cheaply and end up useless. Whether a person's attitude towards things, that is, his attitude towards life and his partner, is not bad or not.

it's getting late. Let's not stay up late for another day of rambling.

take good care of your body and live longer for your loved ones.

smile more, exercise more, stay up late less, and eat on time.