I want to live the way everyone else wants me to be.

I want to live the way everyone else wants me to be.

The interesting thing about life is that all the fun is felt in our hearts. What we earn is the ability to make ourselves stronger. When we enter the society, we are not unarmed and aggrieved like a little white rabbit put into the jungle.?

Chapter 1.

"Bride, you are going to marry and become an old woman tomorrow. Do you have any unfinished wishes while you still have one more night of freedom?"

see, sitting opposite me, the silly woman with her head buried in her wedding dress and her hands swinging in the air is noble and noble. We are preparing for the details of her wedding tomorrow, but we don't know how to talk about a lot of things about the past.

Gao Jie is very capable. I always thought that this man was a shrewd thief and must have been a profiteer when he grew up. Sure enough, she made a lot of money in her freshman year, and when we were still studying poetry books in college, she could take me for a ride around town. She used to yell at me to teach her how to draw. I said people like you who stink of copper should not step on two boats and honestly earn money to support me. The year she graduated from college, she came to our school, and we drank ourselves until we collapsed the night before the ivory tower collapsed. I remember that at that time she asked me very seriously: "College student, what do you have unfinished wish, say it quickly, while you still have the last night to pretend to be stupid and sweet."

"profiteers, don't think about empty gloves and white wolves. Let's each say one, you go first."

"I want to travel around the world and find a treasure that only I know."

"I want interesting people to live an interesting life together."

"I hope what I give you is something that no one else has."

"I hope others have, and we all have."

Chapter 2.

the other day I asked Gao Jie, what are you trying so hard to make money for?

the other day she also asked me, what is the interesting person and interesting life you want?

none of us answered at that time. Later, after graduation, she went abroad with her boyfriend, that is, her current husband. While making a fortune, she began to travel around the world as soon as she had the chance. She went to a lot of places and met a lot of strange people. on the last stop before returning home, she sent me an address saying that she had left me a letter and a big gift in an Icelandic hotel and asked me to pick it up myself.

I was stupefied for a long time when I saw the news, and I suddenly figured out the two questions that none of us could answer at that time.

all talk about living an interesting life with interesting people, but people who can be called "interesting" don't just tell a few humorous jokes. Fun is a natural state, not a deliberate skill. interesting people are probably like this, have the ability to be calm, have light bearing, have spare money to satisfy their leisure, live a happy life, and love as much as they can.

growing up, I thought Gao Jie must have lost money. When there was a class meeting in the class, she could figure out a way to earn a month's living expenses. This society is also very strange, some people say that money can solve everything, others say, don't talk to me about money, vulgar.

people are always asking what I should pursue. I think people can pursue thousands of things, and money is only one of them. making money is not really the end of life, but it is our means. the way to say it may not sound good. I read a better saying. He said "money is the bridge to a happy life, but we don't live on the bridge."

there is no such thing as plain sailing in the adult world. Money sounds utilitarian, but it is a protective umbrella for ourselves with a little bit of our ability to protect you in the ups and downs. You can always have your own peace. Life is a game of constant pursuit of fun, no one can guarantee that you can always win, but if we want to have fun and enjoy more fun, we have to find a way to earn more courage that doesn't care so much about winning or losing. To make money is to earn a confident, windy person who can hold his head high and move towards an interesting life.

Gao Jie is very smart. she only believes in herself for so many years. She makes money in the way she likes, and then uses the money to live the life she likes. she said she had no idea what was interesting or boring, what was meaningful or meaningless. It's just that every day she feels that she has earned an extra share of happiness, not just the joy of money.

Chapter 3.

it's not that we don't have the ability to have an interesting life, but we always expect others to meet our needs, which is a common disease. the interesting life we pursue, like the hot love we desire, is a superstructure. How long can a building without a foundation last? We strive to change from the weak to the strong, even if we can't change the height it built, but at least we no longer have to worry that someone will destroy the hope we have piled up. Life is interesting because all the fun is felt in our hearts. what we earn is the ability to make ourselves stronger, unlike a white rabbit put into the jungle, unarmed and aggrieved.

sense of security, whether it's interesting or not, is, after all, self-sufficient.

I hope we found an interesting life together, instead of holding my elbows by the side of the road waiting for an interesting person to show up. I hope I am happy along the way, and the people around mePeople earn one more day of fun every day together. It is impossible to predict how long this day can last. How much fun can be, there are also infinite possibilities.

Chapter 4.

before going to bed, I asked Gao Jie, wearing a wedding dress, getting married, life events, ah, nervous.

she still has a poker face, saying that she is nervous, what is the pain in the wind and rain, and remember to tighten my wedding dress to death tomorrow.

I said, "haven't you ever been nervous?"

she said, "No, I'm actually pretty nervous right now."

as soon as I was about to speak, I heard her silently say to me: "do you know that China's Ping an Wealth God Festival, known as' Financial circles', is coming. I heard that two lucky people will share 100 million of the experience money equally. My idol Luo Dayou will also come to Ping an × Tencent LiveMusic concert, we can watch and buy at the same time. More importantly, there are plenty of wealth management products during the event to help you make money. In fact, you deserve to have both a money-making life and an interesting life. "

I looked at her and said, my God of Wealth, Rest, get married tomorrow, have a rest.

this is my friend, Gao Jie, a bride who is still thinking about making money on the eve of the wedding. She once said: "how to make interesting money, how to earn a more interesting life, all the choices should be firmly held by ourselves, justifiably, with style and confidence." I think she did it.

I also know that everything will not be as perfect as a dream, and life has no tricks up its sleeve. We stood together, arm in arm, trapped in the great unknown, and the scourges failed to dilute the dawn that I was looking forward to. I hugged myself as if Ping an hugged me tightly.

living her lively and interesting amorous feelings, I am madly in love with her with the gift of love.

I want to make money and have an interesting life.

can be a little affectionate, a little righteous, and a little happy from the bottom of my heart.

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