I want to make you happy because I love you.

I want to make you happy because I love you.


Francisco Petrarch

in my dreams, I often go to a garden.

there was a time when I was particularly infatuated with medieval gardens. At that time, I often watched some movies with medieval elements, which was simply a dream. Atonement, Pan's labyrinth, and the Wizard of Oz Lolita, including Pride and Prejudice, became Jane Austen. I'm sure you should feel the same way after reading it.

the strong sun shines unreservedly on the free garden, climbing plants climb all over the walls, hedges outline garden houses and paths, and medicinal plants also exude a charming smell. The neatly manicured plants spread into the walls, like a tamed beast, with the smell of natural spread at hand, and the flowers formed complex geometric patterns, accompanied by the structure of baroque curve art.

in my dreams, I can always get there. I go straight into the garden, believing that somewhere in the garden there is a hidden treasure, or that there is a hidden door to the dream world by plucking away the cover of plants.

at that time, love was as strong and gentle as the sun. I loved you and went to you. The girl picked up the big skirt and fell into the man's sturdy arms. The man gave the whole garden to the girl just to see her smile happily. To please his queen, Nebuchadnezzar II, king of ancient Babylon, built a hanging garden in imitation of her hometown. From afar, the garden seemed to be floating in heaven.

many people give everything they have when they love a person, with Leo's personality characteristics.

I love you and your fat waist.

I love you, and I love you sleeping beside me like a cat while I play games.

I love you, I draw your appearance on the paper.

I love you, I am your trash can, and what you don't like is what I like.

I love you because you are afraid of the dark, so I have to pretend that you are not afraid of the dark so that you can feel at ease.

I love you, and all the people around me recognize you.

I love you because you are the mommy of my future child.

I love you, so I will give you the best life within my ability.

I love you, so I want to be with you.

but many people are not good at saying, love.

many people think that love is a sacred word, and people who love seldom mention the word "love".

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they think that love is an act, not a language.

so he will secretly write down the necklace you like while you are shopping and surprise you.

he will buy you what you want, and he wants to make you happy because he loves you.

he will cook a big meal for you on weekends.

he just wants to make you feel like home is where he is.

however, people who do so never say, love.

but every action is full of love.

so the starting point for many people to love someone is to hope that she can be happy.

you like the starry sky, so he creates a starry sky with a projector at home.

you like the garden of medieval Italy, which is condensed into jewelry and worn on you.

what you like, the other person tries his best to do it, just to make you laugh.

and it's all because I love you unspeakably.

this time, Bulgari blends the aesthetic feeling of medieval Italian garden into the jewelry and wears it as if she owns a whole Italian garden.

the bright heart, secret garden, the artistic inspiration of these accessories comes from nature. In medieval Italian gardens, your lover walks in a labyrinth of beautiful gardens in the strong sun. You stand in the distance and look at her. She smiles in the backlight, like a painting. I love you, that is, I try my best to give you the best thing. making you happy is the whole meaning of what I love you.