I want to spend every holiday with you.

I want to spend every holiday with you.

Forgive me, I care too much about you, so I want to share with you what delicious restaurants, what interesting places, what good-looking things.

it's another December.

colorful lights have been hung on the trees on the side of the road in front of my house. I can see them flickering when I go home every night. Recently, the weather is good, although it is mostly chilly, there are also a few sunny days. I thought I could go for a walk with you. Some Christmas toys are on sale in the supermarket opposite. The furry deer should be very warm on your bed. I can hold it when you hold me.

if you are still by my side.

A Qian posted her Christmas equipment in her moments again. She told me that she would have a big party in Beijing and asked me to find her when I went back. She invited sisters and sisters as well as their boyfriends. I said I had no one to take with me, so she told me to take the picture.

Last year's Christmas tree was still at home, with branches stretching stiffly, and the plastic-wrapped gift decorations had long been so dusty that they had no value to pick them up and reuse them. The lamp hanging on the tree was broken. It should have been trampled by children who came to play at home some time ago, and only two or three flickerings when connected to the power supply. There is some remaining wrapping paper in the storeroom, and wiping can also be used to wrap two or three presents.

please where are you?

I had an appointment with my best friend to buy this year's Christmas present. Of course, I bought it for myself. I always felt that this kind of holiday needed a little sense of ritual. since no one can give me a gift, it's good to give it to myself. if I have time, I will go to the party mentioned by A Qian. She said that she would bring a lot of wine, and everyone would not go home until they got drunk. I asked her that no one had to stay awake. She promised that I would drink until I could not remember my ex-boyfriend's name this year.

what are you doing?

Get ready to showcase your unique figure in our tea length wedding dresses . Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

I don't know what day it is, probably the first day, maybe the first week, maybe the first month, but what I do know is that this will never be the last day.

another year has passed.

We always say that the new atmosphere of the New year, everything is new, this year is about to leave, those good and bad, sad and happy, in the days approaching the New year, it is nothing, crying in pain, just smile.

I forgot in which movie I saw such a line:

"you should always have a place in front of yourself, stay there alone, and then love." Don't know what it is, don't know who it is, don't know how to love, don't know how long you can love. Just wait for love, maybe there will never be anyone, but this kind of waiting is love itself. "

it's like running toward an endless road, never knowing where the future is.

the feeling of being close to you is like being close to the scorching sun, keeping a proper distance to feel warm, feeling unbearably hot when you are close, afraid of losing, afraid of no result, afraid of each other's disappointment, but have to be tortured by miss and nostalgia every night.

maybe I'm too possessive. I always care about everything about you. I want to get close to you, but I'm afraid to see you resist, like a voyeur who can only look at you quietly. maybe you are too possessive. If not, why are you always in my head?

forgive me, I care about you so much that I want to share with you any delicious restaurant, any interesting place, or anything beautiful. Tai Tai told me that he went to a charity event the other day and specially made an appointment with the girl he liked several days in advance. he said that he only wanted to do such meaningful things with the people he cared about, or else he would do it alone.

he excitedly shared with me the details of that day, including the girl's expression, when to be happy, when to be quiet, and when to be serious. Obviously, it's not a very special thing, but it becomes special because there is someone I like, and I'm happy for him.

there is always something special in your heart that is left to you, no one else can.

you know I always like Christmas best, you know I like that colorful makeup, you know I want to receive a toy pillow as a gift (for you, of course), you know I want to spend Christmas with you.