I want to take some time to please myself.

I want to take some time to please myself.

If we can take a little time to water a person, he can have an eternal flowering period.


I wonder if you have ever heard the story of the Museum of innocence.

probably as early as the beginning of last year, I introduced it to you in the aspirin museum.

there is a book called the Museum of innocence, which was written by Pamuk. In Turkey, there is a real museum of innocence, which contains everything about the room when the male host Kemal and the hostess Fu Song are together. Kemal loved everything Fu Song loved and even touched. This affectionate and sad man collected all the objects his sweetheart had touched. Salt shakers, puppy furnishings, thimbles, pens, hairpins, ashtrays, earrings, cards, keys, fans, perfume bottles, handkerchiefs, brooches. Or even 4213 cigarette butts. Kemal walked through 1743 museums in 15 years and created a unique "museum of innocence". All the objects were regarded as the collection of this museum of love to commemorate the love he had lost forever.

at that time, he met 18-year-old Fu Song, who was wearing a yellowish dress and was in the shop as a clerk, full of teenage rebellion, and then they started dating. But in the end, the girl disappeared into his life forever, and no one knew where she had gone. Life is always full of coming uninvited and leaving without saying goodbye, just like the cycle of flowers, so is the person you meet. Kemal then began to pay attention to his own feelings, and slowly wrote down his own feelings.

if we can take a little time to water a person, he may be able to have an eternal flowering period, but conversely, if we can't water the people we cling to, we might as well take some time to please ourselves.

Chapter 2.

I also fell madly in love with someone when I was a teenager.

at that time, I felt as if this person was everything. I seemed to be 18-year-old Fu Song, the Kemal I met in the dark.

We have been together for six years, and he is two grades older than me. Until now, I still have the video of love confession recorded by my classmates on DV at that time. But the year before last, we broke up, and he mentioned it. He wanted to go abroad to continue his studies, but I stayed in Shanghai. Before leaving, he told me that I was no longer the person I was six years ago. In fact, when two people are separated, what is left behind is not those things at all, and the other party's change to you, such as the change of the river to the mountain, that is the evidence that a person passes through. Over the past six years, I have changed myself too much, because of my love for him, I always think of different ways to please him and make him happy. I am too afraid of losing. Instead, I hold on to him more and more tightly, not only losing him, but also myself.

it turns out that from the age of 19 to 25, I have always forgotten to love myself and to please myself. the steaming heat of youth is not worth the warmth of licking one's head after all. Leonard Cohen says there are cracks in everything, and that's where the light comes in. Just as Kemal began to take care of his understanding after Fu Song left Kemal, I began to find that my efforts gradually made me lose my most fascinating place, such as missing my own flowering season but neglecting to take care of it.

sometimes, the way girls love themselves is not to devote all their joys and sorrows to another person, but to spend some time managing and pleasing themselves.

Chapter 3.

Gao Yuanyuan, the national goddess, is such a bright and warm person who knows how to please herself. In November, she designed a bouquet for taking the time to represent Gao Yuanyuan's love of DIY flowers and her pursuit of life aesthetics, and named it | naturally | , which is also Gao Yuanyuan's attitude towards life.

there are some stories about being natural. It has no complex flower pattern and is composed of three kinds of flowers: pink Snow Mountain Rose, Purple Fog Pao Rose and Eucalyptus leaves. Represent, respectively, true feelings, heartbeat and gifts. Gao Yuanyuan fell in love with these three kinds of flowers at first sight and put them together, and everything came naturally. Just like Yuanyuan's attitude towards life, she cherishes every little happiness around her, without affectation or affectation.

CEO Huayitai, who takes time, said: "take some time to provide not only a bunch of 'untacky' flowers to be delivered to your house every week, but also a fun thing to do every week. Moreover, for those bouquets that can easily reach 800 to 900, the price here is only 1 to 4. Yes, that's what it means. makes flowers change from luxury gifts to interesting things in life. Life with flowers should not be expensive. "this idea coincides with Yuanyuan's concept of life. simple, every week can meet a beautiful unexpected. is exactly what modern women need.

A lot of people come uninvited and leave without telling them, just like the cycle of flowers.  

if you can take some time to take care of your heart, then many unexpected things in the world can also bring unsolicited emotion.

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I believe you have loved someone and had a crush on someone.

then try to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, or give them quietly.

take a moment to please yourself and make yourself better.

the person you love may be attracted by your fragrance and come uninvited.