I want you to be happy.

I want you to be happy.

No matter who with,\ nNo matter where it is.

but this time, I should reply a little in time.

I think this is one of my progress.

I do face quite big changes recently.

because of job transfer, I moved to the north.

Feng's mother-in-law sent me back all night to find it.

I was sad, but I didn't cry.

I sat in the empty room for a long time.

for so long that I can't tell where I am, south or north, reality or dream.

because I met my grandfather.

he is still the same as before, but I have grown up.

I asked him,

"did Grandpa blame me for losing the leaf?"

he smiled and said,

"Fool, how can I blame the little rainbow?"

hearing this, I finally couldn't help crying.

then I told him a lot of things.

when talking about Baiyun,

I couldn't help showing off to him the letter you wrote to me.

"Little Rainbow finally smiled."

he didn't read the letter, but looked at me.

"it doesn't matter what Little Rainbow does, just be happy."

"what does Grandpa enjoy the most?"

"being a little rainbow grandpa is the happiest."

the next day, Feng's mother-in-law sent a leaf.

is Mr. Tree.

he probably knows about me.

but he doesn't know,

this leaf is different from mine.

he doesn't know, either.

he doesn't have to avoid me anymore.

Baiyun, when I received your letter,

I was tidying up my new home.

seeing what you said about the past,

I looked up the photos of my primary school.

the above two people are silly and smiling happily.

fate is a wonderful thing.

I accepted you then, and

you accepted your new colleague.

and now I see these things you write,

also have more courage to face the new environment.


Coming with the latest design, our new long black off the shoulder dress is what you are missing. There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

I hope you are happy,

whoever you are with,

wherever you are.