I was never a lucky man.

I was never a lucky man.


that's right I've never been a lucky person

every time I grab a red packet

I'm always sorry that the red packet is taken away by someone

even if I get it


mine is always

I'm always picking up the luck left behind by others

. Lucky Mars

I come to save up to light my wood in the dark night

Yes, I am not always so lucky.

my favorite seats are always picked out

I have never won a lottery

A speech always draws the first

works show is always the last

the things I want to buy are always out of stock

the scraping prize in the mall

When it doesn't rain

Rain Water splashes

falls flat

drinks cold water to plug her teeth

is hit on the head by flying basketball

skirt is torn by roadside wire.

too many regrets

unfair and too much

in the experiment, dogs gradually adapt to Thunder Shock

Dogs climb over the fence to escape

I wonder if there are a lot of things

beyond luck

need to create

A lot of boys and girls

what we can see

if you want someone, you can get him

and then play a game. For the unlucky

is the only precious and unrepeatable

although unlucky, we still have our own persistence

so many things can't be compromised

Searching for corset back prom dresses to add a dash of grace to your outfit? Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

I can accept that there is no money

because I can earn

and accept a lot of things without my share

because all I can give myself is

A person who comforts others may experience a lot of uncomforted days

A person with a poisonous mouth has a lot of pain in his heart

A person who laughs a lot every day because he can't cry

everyone is actually not lucky

the person who has everything may be full of nagging about how unfortunate he is

because he can get everything

A person who has lost a lot of himself

who has nothing may be happy

because there is nothing

so everything is a gain for him

Yes, I have never been a lucky man to walk forward empty-handed

, but I believe that my stumble

makes the road ahead smoother


The future will accumulate great luck

waiting for me


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what you find most touching

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All right

Qixi Festival will be here soon

Let me see your persistence

Happy Tuesday everyone