I will forget you, but not yet.

I will forget you, but not yet.


one day it has been many days. I can always feel that you seem to want to say something to me, but you don't have the heart to say what you want to say, so you just say something else. I can sense the feeling that you are losing, but I am afraid that if I ask, I will force you to pay attention. It's timid, isn't it? What I'm really afraid of is not that you tell me you don't like me anymore, or even that you never liked me. But you are ready to leave but are not willing to say goodbye to me bluntly, you are using your way to make me understand. Honey, yes, I can see it, but if you don't say it clearly, I will always try my best to justify myself when I am covered with a quilt and refuse to see the dawn. So I had to toss and turn and explore through dreams.

I dare not at dinner, for fear of delaying the sweetness of our sleep in the middle of the night, so when you bring breakfast and pour milk, I clear my throat and try to adjust my careful mood to a relaxed and insipid tone. I said I had a dream yesterday. I dreamt that you packed your bags and hesitated but finally moved out. I dreamt that I was lying in bed alone and the bedroom light was broken again. I wanted to call you and remember to bring a new light bulb, but it suddenly occurred to me that you are no longer in this house. I also dreamt that. Forget it. I can't remember.

you need such an opportunity to cheer you up on the breakup. Now I've forgotten how you said the word "separate". Although I have imagined the day countless times in my mind, I have rehearsed all kinds of expressions about how I should deal with it. But when you say break up that moment, I still can not believe, once so close to the two people, is how slowly separated from the ravines and ravines.

Yes, but you don't like it, you don't like it. But it's just a lovelorn and then adjust yourself to slow down a difficult cycle. it may be a long process, but it's not impassable. It just takes some work to get through here and get there. I know, what I have to face, but that's all. However, I still can not digest so much positive energy, all I know is that you are gone, but I still like you so much, which is killing me.

not everyone has unlimited energy as if they can't make a comeback at any time. I am the kind of person who is lovelorn more than the sky. I love myself so much that I will not risk everything to keep you, and I love you so much, so I watch the starry sky break into pieces and fall at my feet. I will step forward and put out their flicker, so I dare not move, so I have to stand in place and watch carefully, waiting for it to go out on its own one day.

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those things you left here remind me of you from time to time, but if you hadn't left anything here, I would miss you even more.

to sum up, it has been several months since the day of the breakup. During this period, I almost want to ask everyone if you have done the same, this person you have loved, even now everything is over, but you still do not want to take pains to forget him. A little morbid is that even the last sad emotion and painful memory related to him, you wish you could stay a little longer. You know that if you are no longer sad, you and he will be two strangers.

it suddenly occurred to me that in the summer of several years ago, we often boarded our bicycles here to race along the road who could get to the next street lamp faster. I always blame you for never giving way to me, at that time. As soon as I laughed, you laughed with me.

Today's wind blew through the cracks in the buildings on that side. I stood on this side as pink as the sunset, with little flowers blooming at my feet, leaning against the grass, like I was close to you at that time.

I don't think about this deliberately, but reason doesn't help me at this time except as a cheerleader. Clearly said that life is short, but why the hard time will be so long.

I know that the mountains, rivers, sunsets, full moons, traffic lights, small hotels, roadside flowers, and sand on the soles of my feet will still be surprised when I see them. It will also be beautiful and melodious when I can't see it. In the future, I will be fine, I will get through it, I will forget, and I will fill it with memories, but not now, not now.