I will remember this person for the rest of my life because of this little thing.

I will remember this person for the rest of my life because of this little thing.


I will remember this person for the rest of my life because of this little thing.

the moment when I remember a person most clearly

must be in special weather, hot sun or rainy season.

or when it snows, will he take care of you?

I am a person who likes to look at small details so much that I am even paranoid enough to define whether he is attentive to you or not.

details determine love, and details beat love.

Liao Yimei has a classic saying:

"you want to be a child and you want to be a lover."

Yes, that's right.

I am a person who lacks a sense of security very much, and it's easy to be scared by myself.

I'm not hypocritical. I'm afraid of Thunder.

if there is a roar of thunder on a rainy day, my cat and I will get into bed together.

if I'm out there, I don't know what to do.

but I am very afraid of the heat, so I like winter.

on a hot summer day, if I am exposed to the sun, I will be very anxious.

in this special weather,

I am especially afraid of being alone.

although a person is quite free, some specific weather can make a person look very lonely.

so the most common thing I say is to tell myself that when you are alone, take care of yourself.

bring an umbrella with you on sunny or rainy days. Tanning or getting caught in the rain will make you misbehave.

Nobody wants to miss a chance to meet the right person.

sometimes, however, small details test a person's carefulness.

the emotions we experienced

a recall or can be compared with the intriguing details.

details determine whether I love you or not.

I saw a piece of rubbish from a girl in my email. She told me that the reason she was attracted to a boy was that she and the boy were walking together on a rainy day, and they were not together at that time. She was in the habit of not stepping on the manhole cover. The boy was holding an umbrella. She looked up around a manhole cover and found the umbrella following her, always on top of her head. The boy was in the rain. And her ex-boyfriend never worried about whether she was drenched or not.

she decided to stay with the boy. Now that they are married, the boy is still doing it for her.

you see, when you compare two people, details play a big role.

this picture is an old one, and I was quite moved when I saw it at that time.

the surface is angry with you, but the heart still holds an umbrella for you.

We need someone like this to spend the rest of our lives with us.

those warm details are like warm babies affixed to your belly, reminding us that you are not alone when it is cold.

that sporadic warmth constitutes the full strength of loving a person.

I remember an email in which a girl told me that she was watching football on the court with a boy, and the sun was burning because it was an afternoon game. She didn't wear sunscreen and felt terrible in the sun. At this time, the boy took out a sunscreen umbrella and shielded her from the sun all the way. She thought it was the best and most comfortable ball she had ever seen. Now that the boy has become her boyfriend, the beginning of love lies in being moved by the details. A sunscreen umbrella provides the most comfortable shade for the hearts of the two.

an umbrella can reveal a lot of information to us.

if he always holds an umbrella for others,

Why not wait in the rain for him?

if he always favors his umbrella when walking,

makes you wet more than half of your shoulder,

how can you expect him to be your umbrella in the wind and rain of life?

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if no one holds an umbrella for you.

Don't let yourself get caught in the sun, either.

your future lover will be distressed.