If I can't waste my time on the one I love, I'd rather be single.

If I can't waste my time on the one I love, I'd rather be single.

To tell you a secret, don't tell anyone else, "the cool people have closed their bets on Aspilimbo."

Today is a good day for single dogs full of fragrance.

because I am learning Japanese, I know that single dogs in Japan are called


. So, in Fire Shadow, a man like this,

calls himself "Toad Fairy" and is Muye Sanren.

he studied under three generations of Naruto professors,

trained four generations of Huoying yellow flash,

the favorite woman became five generations of Huoying,

although the background was so prominent, it was not formally organized.

wandered around and occasionally went back to the village to peek.

he is not only a loafer but also a veteran pervert.

he writes yellow comic books, poisons the pillars of wood leaves, and has broken six ribs by a woman for peeping.

but it is such a lecherous senior single dog that

has won the most women's tears in Fire Shadow.

Yes, this is Jiraya.


Today is Singles' Day and his birthday.   

in the world of Huoying, if you don't look at ninjitsu and only look at a person's achievements in love, friendship, and career,

then he is a frustrated middle-aged man who accomplishes nothing, his friends betray, and he is single all the time.

except for a sideline writing pornographic novels,

is no different from Uncle Chai around us.

but this uncle, when he died heroically and his body sank into the sea,

on the surface, he was lecherous, flirtatious, fooling around;  drinking, prostitution, being old, and disrespectful;  although men are not bad, women do not like them.

but do you think a woman only loves her bad?

Pure bad men are only disgusting.

will be liked.

is the insistence of this bad man inadvertently.

and Jiraya's persistence comes from his life-long waiting.

there is a more popular term for this persistence, which is called single-minded.

although he is lecherous, he is a single-minded person at heart.

he confessed his love to the right person from the first day of the meeting.

until the day she died,   

did not confess her love to the second woman.

"you bet I'm going to die."

all his life he waited for only one response from her, but he never heard it again.

he is devoted not only to love but also to his friends.

is the most affectionate and righteous person.

all my life I just wait for my partner to come back.

and most importantly,

is his persistence in belief and dedication to the people he entrusts.

Jiraya has been looking for the son of prophecy all his life.

when he found it, what he did in his life was trust him.

finally, his waiting got his best expectation in life.

unfortunately, he can't even see it.

16 years of Fire Shadow career, until we have all grown up.

wait for the ending, but not for Jiraya's return.

born on Singles Day,

it seems that you are destined to be alone in this life.

but Jiraya's single is not going to make do.

he will not let his friends fall,

he will not let his disciples grow up comfortably,

he will not live an ordinary life, and

he can't just love someone casually.

so he used to wait to interpret the confession of the longest love.

and other friends' awakening,

other disciples' growth,

and other loved ones open their hearts to themselves.

therefore, everyone loves this single dog so much.

this is the love story of Jiraya heroes.

just like Jiraya's view of love:

if life can't be wasted on the person I like,

fantastic in petite formal dresses ! Perfect for formal functions or informal parties.

then I'd rather waste my life on myself.

even if I will remain single, I am willing to wait.