If I leave, I won't come back.

If I leave, I won't come back.

So if you come back, will you still leave?


I was always impressed by the women in the camera when I watched Wong Kar-wai movies. No matter it was active or passive when I broke up, I would viciously drop the sentence: "if I leave, I won't come back."

when I'm gone, I won't come back. If I leave, I won't come back. So are you ruthless to let me go?

that anger, threat, and helplessness went straight back and forth, trying to retain this person, but he couldn't, so he used himself as a bargaining chip.

in the drama of dog blood, there may also be a black and white word "after a few years" on the subtitle to indicate the passage of time, and then the one who leaves emotionally goes through a series of lovelorn and cheating pains in life, and then looks back to find that the favorite in this life is still ta, but when he looks back, the other party has already dragged the family, leaving only one sentence, and we can't go back.


after looking back in uppercase despair, what if we start all over again?

Why should I give you a second chance to hurt me? Although life is alive, who has not loved a few scum men. But the cost of dating a scumbag man is too high, and once it collapses, it will be hard to recover.

 when he said, "from now on, only you can decide whether I go or stay" looks very perfect, how nice the prodigal son came back, and the scum man still cheated the night before he got married.

ignore the ingredients of dog blood, and don't label all men as "one-day scum men, lifelong scum men". However, the words of our ancestors should not be forgotten, such as rivers and mountains are easy to change.

he hurt you, and the wound won't go away. Just like when you are lovelorn, the whole city has traces of "once I loved you". And get back together, there are traces of "once you hurt me" in the whole city.

as for people, it's easy to get caught up in their memories. We always feel that youth is good because it is no longer young. So youth in our memory only left a beautiful fragment, green face, hazy love. But when you think about your eighteen years old, are you that happy?

it's like walking out of the day full of lovelorn after breaking up and then taking time to rush. Soon, you will only remember the good parts, and the system automatically Filter the painful parts.


it is not impossible to be soft-hearted and agree to his request for recombination. There is a saying quite right: this is not a reunion, it is a repeat of the same mistake. For the time being, there is no time machine in this world, and we can't go back to youth, so a lot of people made youth films to remember the bygone years. If you have five yuan to go back once, you ask, nine out of ten people do not agree.

to continue the previous relationship, it is nice to say that feelings give us a possibility that seems to be possible to start all over again. But again and again, it is only the magic barrier that you have tried to get rid of in the past.

in Millennium Mambo, Vicky's neurotic boyfriend Xiao Hao counts her coming home, smells her, checks her vagina, keeps breaking up with her, and cries to beg her to come back. In such repeated entanglement, in addition to feelings, there should be their own life.

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Don't let yourself indulge in old memories. "I'm over him" is a relief. Let over over it.


think of it another way, there is no difficulty in getting through. After being separated from your ex, especially when you abandon your ex and meet again, everyone wants to be in the best state, proud as Cheng Youqing, and wear the most beautiful heels and dresses when you go out to take out the trash.

We are all scared to death of losing to our ex. But there is nothing more undignified than that: despite the past, I am still willing to be with the people who abandoned me in the first place.

Don't waste your time on old people, now that time has proved that we are not suitable, why take the time and energy to prove it again. Life is so short that even if you waste time, you have to waste it on the unknown. I've met so many people in my life, what's the point of always entangling with those people?

the ex has nothing to be sentimentally attached to, and the only thing to look forward to is the front.

of course, there is another reason. There are too many turning horses and not enough grass.

so go ahead and open up new areas.