If I love you, I want to write to you

If I love you, I want to write to you

I don't mind being old-fashioned when I'm with you.

I went to read the Love letter with Vivi (that is, my girlfriend) tonight. The whole movie revolves around "letter". After watching it, I remember that I also received a letter a week ago, and it was a love letter commemorating my love affair with her for a thousand days.

but when I returned from the interview in Guangzhou that day, it was already eight o'clock in the evening when I returned to the appointed place after a three-hour drive.

I gave her a call, and I could tell that she was full of expectation but was damped by me.

because my first sentence after the connection is: "come down quickly, I have to rush back to write tonight."

Ten minutes later she trotted up in front of me. When I looked at her, I found that her eye makeup was a little thick, and I didn't ask her or mention it. This is probably because I am in a hurry, so she doesn't have enough time to paint her makeup to the effect she wants most.

I asked her what she wanted, and she said she hadn't had steak for a long time.

then we came to the door of a western restaurant but did not enter. She turned over the menu in front of the door and dragged me into the Xiang Restaurant next door to the western restaurant.

when she ordered, she asked me what I would like to eat. I asked her several times before she was willing to put a tick before the name of her favorite dish. Finally, we ordered three dishes, two bowls of white rice, and ate 107 yuan.

she smiled and picked up food for me. She gave me the best response to every word I said, surprise, joy, and the worship of the little girl incisively and vividly. If listening can be scored as well as a speech, I will definitely give her a 100.

after eating, we went back to the place where we lived. I said wait for me, and I'll finish the draft soon, and then we'll go out for a walk.

by the time the manuscript came out in disorder, it was already 11:30 at night on our thousandth day. She looks at the latest "Running Man" behind me, but she doesn't always giggle at the screen like she used to watch RM. Instead, she sat there listless, and I asked her what was wrong.

You will be the center of attention in our gorgeous ball gown wedding dress with bling. Stop here and you will feel lucky to enter this catalog.

she said, "help me with the mask in my bag."

I joked, "take it yourself, but you want me to take it right in front of you."

she said," help me with my mask. "

I sat on the stool and looked at her, and she said, "take it, you idiot."

she usually calls me "stupid dog", but she says "stupid". So I rushed to her bag, and sure enough, there was a gift box inside when I opened it.

I took out the box while giggling and saw her shaking her head and sighing: "things are unpredictable. Don't you dare scold me for being lazy. The reality is really cruel."

after the box was opened, there was an aromatherapy candle. She said she made it herself for a month. She told me about the funny things during the candle and told me to remember to take away the dried flowers when lighting them, because she found that the dried flowers would be burned when she was experimenting with them.

under the candle is a letter that I put in my bag before I read it carefully.

she asked me if I didn't like the gift.

I said, "No, I just want to watch it by myself when I go back to school."

after returning to school, I stood at the door of the dormitory, turned my back to the moonlight in the sky, and took out the letter she said she had written very hard (because it was not ordinary stationery, so I had to write it carefully).

when I unfold the letter, I don't have the curiosity of junior high school students when they receive the love letter. Instead, I take a deep breath and prepare myself to read it carefully. There are only a few hundred words, including mistakes, she told me, because the stationery is so difficult to write.

there is a line in" Love letter ": letter is an eye thousands of miles away, it can peep into your heart.

I looked at the letter she wrote to me, but all I saw was my love for her. Her wrong words are her loveliness. Her good guidance is her concern. Her confession reminds me of my confession.

the letter says, "I really feel lucky to know you."

because I've always known that I'm the lucky one, not her.

and I kept this secret for a thousand days, but she really hasn't discovered it yet.

well, this should be the end of this letter. But I have to add that no matter how fast Wechat is, I believe it will never replace the letter. It is precisely because the letter is slow that it reflects the degree of intention of the writer. You have to type your manuscript before you write, and when you write a letter, you have to turn what you think into what you see. Because it is very important, you can't withdraw and rewrite it after sending it. You can only tear it up and rewrite it before sending it.

because missing is actually very slow.

so every stroke is slow.

not to mention writing letters, I seldom see their characters among the friends I know now. Not so much like writing letters, it is better to like the words written one by one, emotional ups and downs, mood good or bad all between the lines, see words such as people, probably this is the truth.

the day I left school, I walked cleanly without any textbooks or review materials, only a box containing post-it notes torn from the wall and the corner of the table, and the letter that was stamped but not mailed.

I used to write letters because we had to rely on correspondence to keep in touch with each other. Later, it was convenient and fast for everyone on mobile phones to know that feelings were not like this.To measure, it is easy for people with feelings to write letters, and it is difficult for people with no feelings to have a simple network. If one day I write to a person, take someone to the bookstore, visit the library with someone without saying anything, and invite someone to see a great movie, then I must like this person very much.


I need to follow the trend with them

I don't mind being with you.