If love is always five seconds away from reaching the battlefield

If love is always five seconds away from reaching the battlefield

"A man who comes out for fun and meets a woman who loves too much is like catching a beluga whale by fishing."

A female writer once said, "A man who comes out for fun and meets a woman who loves too much is like fishing and catching a beluga whale." So Beijing is a veritable beluga whale. From Zhang San Li Si to Wang Wu, she counted the course of her love journey, and each game seemed to be dashed from the wild area to the enemy crystal with only residual blood left. This is not commendable courage, this is stupid.

when she fell in love with Zhang San, Zhang Sanzheng was thinking about another goddess, the school beauty. Just like complaining with his buddies, Zhang San told Bai Jing all his feelings about the school beauty, while Bai Jing was cleaning the kitchen of the debris for Zhang San at that time. She mopped the floor while listening, and finally, she was deeply moved as if she had been brainwashed. She said that such an infatuated man was worth waiting for. But of course, she didn't wait. What she waited for was the picture of Zhang San coming out of the hotel with a beautiful woman in her arms, and that beautiful woman was not the school beauty whom Zhang San said he had been infatuated with for many years.

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Li Si chased Bai Jing for a long time, so at that time, because Zhang San was heartbroken, Bai Jing was more or less moved by Li Si's sudden care. I would like to ask who does not want to be gently cared for by another person, there is always something in the heart that can ripple, and love is the fastest way for people to expel the lifeless life. So Bai Jing quickly accepted Li Si's pursuit, but also quickly found that something was wrong with Li Si. She disappeared in the evening. The phone did not answer, Wechat did not reply, and she spoke Rest immediately before 8 o'clock every night. We mentioned Bai Jing and said whether there was a problem with it. Bai Jing may not see it, or she may pretend not to see it, but still fall in love with Li Sien without asking. Until a girl came to her with a diamond ring and said some nasty things, she found that someone always forced you to open your eyes.

the way Wang Wu enters the stage is the simplest, belonging to online love. The two people have talked to each other for almost half a year without mentioning meeting each other. People like Wang Wu, who let her wipe her eyes more and more blurred, actually have the most charismatic ability. Those dangerous and attractive signals awakened Bai Jing from her sleeping cradle, and even when she was ready to flinch, she was pulled back by the hook of Wang Wu's words. Bai Jing was so miserable and enjoyable, fascinated and suspicious that she couldn't see all the people around her, and it seemed that no one could fill her spiritual vacancy like Wang Wu. But Wang Wu was frightened by Bai Jing's deep affection. When they met for the first time, Wang Wu made clear his attitude and said a lot of reasons why it was better to be friends.

I don't know if there are only three reasons. Bai Jing feels that such a refusal seems to be too much for her either in the face or in her heart. Bai Jing is completely confused, between people, so come and go of love and do not love, together and separated, in the end for what? I love you, but why should I love you. We fall in love, but how can we talk about love.

wait a minute, Bai Jing, do you play games? Don't think it's too frivolous to compare love to a game. Haven't you ever seen people who can't sleep for the game? There are so many boring things in life, you don't talk to your best friends all night, you don't compete with your loved ones, you don't hate your family, you don't laugh, you don't cry, you don't laugh, you don't say goodbye to the past, and you don't expect that there will always be boys and girls waiting to be soaked in the future.

We unleash our skills, kill enemies, shuttle wild areas, hand-bladed tyrants, take masters, countless small soldiers block and die under the tower, and we hide behind them and push down layers of defenses until we destroy that crystal in exchange for team victory and personal MVP. These refreshing stimuli are rare on weekdays. So everyone took a breath of nowhere to get rid of the game, to take revenge from the movie, to comfort from love, and to reverberate from the vertical fall of the roller coaster with an undisguised scream.

the good skin that we are armed with, if there is no place where we can show our timidity, it will only be deformed by the breath from the bottom of our heart, gradually, day after day. So everyone tries his best to find something that he loves, excites, fears, hates, and is sensitive, and finds a person who is inseparable or even in love with each other, to find a good outlet to let him breathe a sigh of relief.

people are different from others.

some people export to themselves, and some people export to others.

if you are a person who is not happy without love and cannot survive without madness, then don't be afraid of failure. Clearly understand your heart, see the attributes of the opponent, open a sprint on it. To wave, to get experience, to kill the pleasure of seconds, to be beaten off blood, but also to turn around to fight back is not reconciled, even if you lose the game also remember the game is good.

if love always takes five seconds to reach the battlefield, Bai Jing said, to protect the sparkling crystal in her heart, she still can't help fighting again.

well, don't hang up. Hold on. We can win.