If we can all go back to the theater and watch a stage play,

If we can all go back to the theater and watch a stage play,


A theatre is a place containing all kinds of stories.

there is always a beautiful life on the stage.

in the nineties, I was very young at that time.

go to the Youth Palace with a big bag every day.

always take part in the stage plays performed by schools and children in the city.

play Little Swan and Cinderella.

when rehearsing, I wear dancing pants and a fluffy skirt, combing my hair clean behind my head without leaving a trace of broken hair.

at that time, my mother prepared a photo album for me, because my uncle was also a photographer, so every time there was a stage performance, my uncle would take pictures of me from the front of the stage to behind the scenes.

on the cover of that album,

I wrote a few words askew:

"I must stand on the stage and perform in the future."

also misspelled.

although I did not enter the acting business when I grew up,

became a complete behind-the-scenes worker,

I have always been very fond of watching stage plays.

Beehive Poly of the National Theater of the people's Arts, my ticket stub has always followed these excellent soul performers.

I have a habit of going back to the book or play adapted from the film every time I see a good movie.

look at the interpretation of a story in different forms.

you may feel differently.

the difference between stage plays and movies is that

stage plays have a stronger sense of form and more accurate scheduling of actors.

so you can feel the physical tension of lines and actors more intuitively.

if the movie can be called the visual experience of the 2D plane,

then the stage drama will bring you a 3D emotional experience.

what I enjoy most is the hours in the theater.

is like the pleasure of running a long way and dripping with sweat.

my emotions fluctuate with the people on the stage.

our life is just a stage play.

there are always ups and downs, tears and laughter are both a form of venting emotions.

We have many forms to perform our lives.

there is no absolute truth, but we don't have a script.

stage plays show our lives so that we can see ourselves.  

this is my favorite Happy Twist,

A classic confession from the Earl of Oolong Mountain, their stage play:

"Your eyes are a clear spring.

I want to stand on the tip of your nose.

but I can't swim.

Don't save me, don't save me!

Let me stay in these clear eyes;

Oh, no, help me!

Don't let my corpse cloud your eyes. "

including the troubles of Charlotte in the movie some time ago,

A lot of comments say that actors can act on the stage as soon as they see them.

this is a particularly pertinent compliment.

an actor who can act well in a stage play will certainly be able to act well in a movie.

because the stage is more difficult to control emotions than movies.

and everyone can

return to the most sincere theater after watching the movie.

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the next thing you need to do is go to the scene and laugh!

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I like comedy, because only after a sound smile,

can I know how unworthy the sadness that makes me cry is not worth mentioning?

walking through tears and smiles is the way we must go.

The spotlight is on,

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music is on,

the the stage is warmed up by emotion, and

lines are beginning to be spoken.

We sat in the dark,

first laughed and then cried and moved.

in those ups and downs,

only we know,

how the stories that happen to us

make our eyes shine.