If we could do it all over again.

If we could do it all over again.

"it's not easy for people to grow up, so a lot of people used to ask, what if you were given a chance to go back to your 20 years old. I think I don't want it. It's not easy for me to grow up so old. I have such a heart that won't be destroyed casually. How can I give up? I don't want to be young. "


where does it start to feel that the time spent can be called years?

suddenly one day I found that my father had visible lines on his forehead on the corners of his eyes even when he was not smiling. The good friends around me have known each other for seven or eight years. Everyone got married one after another, and we broke up many times. When I ran into an old friend on the way, no matter how close I had, I didn't see him for too many years, so I didn't recognize some of them. As for myself, I took off my makeup and stood in front of the mirror. Years, I lost more than collagen.

every time I watch the last episode of "Please answer 1998", I can't stop feeling sad. The torn-down double door no longer calls for the children to go home for dinner. When I went out at a certain time, I met my little friend and happened to go out. "Hutong is to use time to make friends." that time is to let us learn to endure the long process of gathering, dissociation and separation.

when we are no longer the children who are eager to grow up, we and everyone around us, like those young people who can't haunt us anytime and anywhere, can no longer get together anytime and anywhere. Growth is a hard thing, so that people can not simply for other people, all our thresholds are pulled too high, in the life that will only become more and more complex, each of us is so, so, miss the ignorant self in the past.


people inevitably miss the past, so whether it's movies, stories, or in their minds. We have all assumed whether you want to go back to the past, and if you can go back to the past, whether you still have the memory of the present.

even if we don't live in a hutong with two doors, we still want to go back to see our younger parents like Mount Tai, those friends who can walk home together after school every day, or want to go back to that age. Calculate every indifference and get to know you again. Get to know you again, in a better way.

but what if the condition of going back to the past is that you no longer have any memories of the present? With the disappearance of the memory, now you are also gone, are you really ready to leave yourself now? You will still lose things that you have actually lost once, and you will still ignore the process of wrinkle growth in your parents. The person you meet, you have already felt the strength of his hug, he has already said those affectionate words to you once, but you no longer remember.


then suppose we can go back to the past with the memories we have now.

will you ask me to stay? will you say I'm sorry? Don't ask anyone out today. I don't want to waste the chance to start all over again. I'm going to ask you out, just you. Like a barbarian, even if I knock you out, I have to take you home. Or it turns out that I don't want to date anyone. You see, Mom and Dad haven't grown gray hair yet. Let me take another look this time. My friends, you are going to get married, I know when, I selfishly want you to wait for me, because I have experienced, when you step into a new life, how lonely I will be.

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I'm back in time. I have a complete memory. How can I lie in the arms of a lover? I know full well that the countdown to our disintegration has begun above my head. In the crystal clear upstream foresee the turbidity of the downstream, but also let me swim this section of the sound dripping. Because I have seen clearly, I love the appearance of the next person, I am even still in love, then I will still choose this one. But if I change now, then what do I remember? I am afraid of a little butterfly effect, so that I can not stand in front of you again.

"coming" says, "even if I foresee all the sadness, I am still willing to yearn for it." However, knowing that you are bound to have a sad ending and knowing which minute and which second the ending will come are two different things. I know you are still willing to yearn, but will you feel guilty about the person around you because you have concealed the known outcome? will you be happy?


of course, going back to the past is just an if. Time and memory are never options that we can choose. We ordinary people, using all our imagination and assumptions, do not verify the feasibility, but the answer in our minds, another part of the answer. Even if it is just a sigh, it is enough.

I like what Ning said in a certain program. "it's not easy for people to grow up, so a lot of people used to ask, what if you were given a chance to go back to your 20 years old," she said. I think I don't want it. It's not easy for me to grow up so old. I have such a heart that won't be destroyed casually. How can I give up? I don't want to be young. "

maybe the person I am now is the one who went back to the past. I forgot a lot of things and wanted to be an ignorant and fearless person again.

maybe you are the one who came back with memories, found me, knew me, reappeared in my life without deviation, but could not tell the secret in my heart.

there may have been a lot of people who have come back from then to the present and made great efforts to change the bad situation and want to make things better. So what we see is the best present after their efforts to change.