If you also want the other person to like you | the "sideways" in 46 relationships

If you also want the other person to like you | the "sideways" in 46 relationships

Share some "outsiders" in love.

dress brilliantly at all times. Don't go out in pajamas or inappropriate clothes. Wear a hat if you don't want to fix your hair. Simple but not untidy, first impressions are life and death, not to mention that you don't know when your first impressions will be made.

before we meet in an online chat, don't rush to ask each other any privacy, don't rush to ask them out, say hello, just say hello, simply get to know the other person's general background through a few questions, and finally look at the other person's reaction, give a smiling face or lips, or have a chance to have dinner together.

the purpose can be very strong, but this is not a good thing, let alone show too strong, no one is stupid, come up to meet each other and so on, unless it is a very clear purpose of sex, otherwise it will end very quickly.

Rhythm is very important, my friends, men are visual animals, and so are you, especially at the beginning of a date, when he is in love, he is out of his mind, and you can't be out of your mind. I wish we could stick together 24 hours a day. Come on, we are all ordinary people. What we can talk about can be finished in a few days, and then all that is left is the boring conversation of "good morning", "have you eaten" and "what are you doing?"

whether you add or be added, you should respond appropriately. Don't put on a pair of Laozi that you add, I will be high above, and don't think I added him. I should take the initiative to talk more, otherwise, it will be cold, rest assured. If you start to act without figuring out the other person's routine, it will be cold faster, and you will feel that the other person is very ruthless.

try to make sure that you don't talk nonsense. If you keep talking but not at the point the other person wants to talk about, the other person will feel like another idiot. One solution is: to listen to him, if he does not talk about you first talk about your things and other facts, and do not rashly talk about your ideas and opinions, especially when the other person is very picky, not. If the other person doesn't talk about it, don't tell him anymore. Your time is precious, too.

to find the other person's facial expression changes and emotional ups and downs, I believe that as long as I add you or date you, I just want to have some stories with you, so the first few dates are very important. After observation, say more about what he likes to say, and then repeat the keywords in his mouth to make him feel that you have something in common with him, and then give him the same example to deal a fatal blow.

look at him, not like surveillance, but when he speaks, look him in the eye and look at him with a warm smile, he will over electricity, believe me, this is not pleasant.

Let him pay for you, pick you up and do some small things for you. You have to express your happiness after he has done it, but you are either excited or like a pet, touch your head, give a reward, and end.

praise him, congratulate and admire him first and with the most sincere eyes and tone when he does something with a great sense of achievement.

Don't rush to confirm the relationship, don't blame each other, give yourself a little more time and put yourself in a dominant position.

take the time to improve your inner, work, social, and emotional management skills, and you are also judged by others as to whether it is worth it.

if you have more than one boat with one foot, the loss rate is very high at the beginning. Set up a selection standard and find more boats.

when either side is lack interest, say: you can tell me if you are unhappy. If the other party doesn't want to, let's go to the boat next door to play first.

every time I see him, bring him a small gift, even a wildflower.

We always encounter a situation that "I don't love me, I don't love me", "We all look like our ex", "he fawns on me like I used to be", traumatic love experiences, everyone has had, don't be afraid that you are not good, you think so, at least you are thinking about what you want.

choose to forget and accept, accept without any reason, feel that anything in the past has nothing to do with you, all you have to do is choose to think about why you two have come to this point in a certain period, think clearly, and then remember, forget everything else, and say again, your time and energy are precious.

if you want the other person to fall in love with you, the skills are all assistant. to catch his heart, you have to know what he doesn't like, then know what he wants, and then give it to him, but you don't just give it to him.

you are more emotional when he is emotional, and you are more rational when he is rational.

try to solve the problem with emotional empathy. Don't reason with him. If you are reasonable, you are almost out.

Don't easily try to give each other advice, taboo.

beauty, figure, and connotation always account for one. It doesn't matter if it doesn't look good, it doesn't matter if it's not mainstream appearance, you laugh, you're funny, you're lively.

I don't quite agree that abstinence lasts long. Occasionally self-willed is lovely, but people who can seduce but know abstinence are sexy.

put your heart in your basket at all times, especially when you are still a glass heart.

Gemini is not the only Gemini to have a dual personality. You attract what kind of people you create for strangers. Guests originally thought you were a high-speed rail, but you turned out to be smart. The contrast depends on how you make it. It's a surprise when you build it, and a surprise if you don't build it well.

whether you use these techniques or not depends on whether you are worth it, whether he is worth it, and whether you are worth it. But you can also practice your hands or something.

Don't try to change each other, you are not a womb. It is not impossible to change each other, it depends on whether you have mastered more powerful skills, this is taught by special books.

people do things out of human nature, which is subconscious, and most people don't know why they do it. I tell you, because doing it makes him happy, as long as it doesn't break the law, he will do it. He is happy with you, and no matter how busy he is, he will come back to talk to you.

whenever a person has negative emotions, don't expect the other person to be in sync with you forever, not to mention that there are many "disabled people" who like inner emotional self-attack. If you are in a good mood, he will interact with you in a good mood, which is unlikely.

interpret the meaning of "he doesn't like you that much", which means: it's not that you're not good enough, it's not that you're not suitable, it's that you don't have a mature and skillful way of communicating, he says A, you say B, you're not on the same channel as others, so that people like you, let alone confirm the relationship.

the phrase "first serious, then lose" also needs to be interpreted. The real meaning of this sentence is that your earnestness has burdened the other person, and he doesn't even feel serious. You seriously want an answer, and the other person is forced to do it. Even if he gives his heart to you, don't take it seriously until he reaches that step. If he adds the play, you will let him act first.

always review your beliefs and perceptions, because it determines whether you are good or bad every time you make a choice.

live with an 18-year-old heart and judge with a 40-year-old brain.

first, achieve financial security, then financial security, and then wealth freedom.

do not change yourself for the needs of others, but your own needs.

Don't you need skill when you have sex? Do you feel that the skill is utilitarian and hypocritical at that time? do you not want to do it with each other because you know the skill? both sides will only be more comfortable, right? you want to do it once and then do it again.

the play "the murder of hanging Gardens" says: do you know the difference between stray cats and stray dogs? The difference is not the difference between cats and dogs, the difference is that stray dogs are almost abandoned by humans, stray cats almost take the initiative to abandon humans, and human beings are afraid of being abandoned, so they are more likely to choose to abandon actively.

people are divided into three, six, or nine grades, and many reasons tell him that he is willing to listen even if he is dead. Let him go. Every man has his destiny. Mediocre people are not worth spending too much time on him.

if you like, you can go and see the new Princess Megan of England. She is always ready, affectionately watching, constantly improving her social circle, and doing things related to the people she wants to live with. This is not shameful or powerful. This is the life that other people want, and maybe they still care for each other.

the more important things are, the farther away they are from you, so it may not be so difficult to learn to relax or divert your attention.

Love is not a necessity of life, especially in today's society, it is a supplement to your life, you are better with it, and you still live a good life without it. Hoping to get the sense of security you lack most from love is not wrong, or at least hasty and unwise.

when you don't even establish emotional communication when you meet for the first time, don't talk too much about your relationship history or other heavy topics that make people happy. Don't show yourself to others so urgently. This will create a sense of pressure or powerlessness, and even trigger some of his stories. The pot is lifted too early, the heat of the brewing is gone, and the meal is eaten.

the psychology of many people is that they don't even know why they don't like it in the next second. After being questioned, they will say to you: maybe I'm still fit to be single.

No one can keep each other in mind every minute, no one can give you that kind of perfect love, you can't do it.

most of the time, we just have a good impression of others. We don't have deep contact, we don't like them at all, we can't afford to buy high-priced air tickets, and we can't afford to buy them. We brainwash how much we like each other and fantasize about the bright future of two people. Do you think it's ridiculous?


I didn't expect that there would be so many reactions when I wrote this article. There must be mixed comments and criticisms, but I think I need to make it clear that

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We judge whether we are attracted to a thing entirely based on our own experience and existing knowledge. In other words, you are judging according to your subjectivity, and I am also discovering these problems according to my experience and cognition (but there are many Chinese and foreign books to verify these theories).

I agree that love should be pure and full of pure love.  but this doesn't stop you from using some methods to make love develop better. I'm just talking about sugar coating with candy. If you think I'm passing on something like "abdominal black theory" or "conspiracy theory", "you don't have to give your heart, just use the method." that's a big mistake.

May each of us find our love. If you have been having trouble on the road to love, you might as well change your existing understanding. To see a problem, you should not only see the appearance of the surface but also learn to look at the motivation behind the surface, which is mature, passive, and active.

maybe after reading it, there will be a trace of despair or hopelessness, and things that are too easy to get will also feel worthless, right?

so is love.

simple and rough love is no longer enough for 25 + people to meet their psychological needs. Most people who attack this are not pure love. First of all, this idea is very naive. What you love is beautiful and pure love itself, and what I want to say is:  after all, we still have seven emotions and six desires, and what we love is the individual, not the "appearance" of love as you imagine.