If you don't do something now, you may not do it for the rest of your life.

If you don't do something now, you may not do it for the rest of your life.


whenever I am tired of the city,

I want to hide in the quiet scenery.

Last year, I met a freelance documentary director who, with a man named Gu Yue, made a documentary called "hitchhiking to Berlin". They arrived at Brandon Bugle Gate in Berlin from Houhai in Beijing and completed their feat by hitchhiking. In Berlin, they were waiting for Gu Yue's girlfriend. When I met him, I was working on another project with him and his team, holding a music festival in Dunhuang. Riding a motorcycle all the way, several lines with different bands singing all the way, setting up camp to Dunhuang. It was the freest time I had ever lived. The sky was high and the clouds were low, the locomotive was speeding along the road, the people were on the road, and the end of the road was connected to the sky.

I wonder if we sometimes stay in the city for a long time. Only when we go into the mountains, into the primeval forest, and into the sea of the Gobi Desert can we feel our existence.

when we are in the city, our image is infinitely shrunk, but when we go into nature, our sense of existence is infinitely magnified, we exist as a "human", not a working "slave". How many people want to be bound by the world and kidnapped by material things? Every day, the subway is crowded, clocking in from 9 to 5, and there is no chance to go out and see the interesting world. Your brain is eaten by work, your heart is trapped by the city, and there is only a poor body left to make you feel alive.

as close as I am to the noise, I am as far away from freedom as I am from the hustle and bustle.

I don't earn much from my usual work, so I can hardly survive in Beijing. I work hard to take pictures and repair pictures and repeat the endless mechanical work every day, doing work that is out of proportion to my salary. I don't know if you are like me,  sometimes feel that no matter how much money I earn, I will lack a sense of security, yes, lack a sense of security, which seems to be a malady of people living in the city. They earn less and lack a sense of security because basic life is not guaranteed and they live frugally. If you can earn a little more, you will consider that they will be spent sooner or later, so you worry too much, so you always grovel to life and be submissive to reality.

my roommate went to the mountains to play after the music festival a few days ago. I appreciate her walk-and-go attitude because I can't do it. It is much more rewarding to see the outside world and walk into nature than to watch the news on a day-to-day shift. Of course, I have a colleague who goes to play in the mountains and forests in two or three days, and the air he breathes is by no means comparable to that of the city. Many curious things may be found in the mountains and forests, such as the dark bananas in Shennongjia mentioned in the news a few days ago, which seems to make people particularly want to explore, but many people have no experience of living in the mountains and forests, so the ultimate problem of mankind, where to live has become a problem, but also become a stumbling block for many people to go.

you ask a lot of people what kind of life they want to have in the future. It seems that many people envy the author of Walden Lake, living by the mountains, forests, and lakes. And when my male god Wu Yanzu married his wife, he chose to accompany his wife to get married and have children in a forest in South Africa. Oh, my God, every day there is sunshine, lovers, and unknown jungles to explore. It is an ideal state of life.

but many people can't do it. They don't have money, they dare not, they are lazy.

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I want to play there. I know a lot of people are eager to try it now.

in the scenery, you can see a lot of things you can't see and write a lot of words that you can't write. Rigid work makes the head rusty and can even blur eyesight. When we start to lack a sense of security to make money, it shows that we are immeasurably empty.

I also want to do something that makes me happy.

you should know that some things don't do now, and may not be done for the rest of your life.