If you don't reply to your Wechat, you will stop posting it.

If you don't reply to your Wechat, you will stop posting it.

If you put up with it, can you do something?


-what are you doing?


-have you eaten yet? Do not reply

-would you like to see a movie?  

No answer

what do you see from the above three? For me, I saw the foolishness of a person who had to hit the south wall several times after being rejected. It was ridiculous and pathetic that ended up in the eyes of onlookers who wanted to lay steps for themselves and make excuses for each other.

Xiao Xi told me that when sends messages to others, if he always refuses to reply, the more he wants to send another message to see what's going on. He is unwilling, unwilling, and does not want to accept the fact that he is annoyed by others.

obviously, I am very kind to him,

I like him very much,

Why don't you even want to reply to a message?

sometimes on your mobile phone, do you feel sorry for yourself when you see a lot of green chat bubbles and no white reply? The other person doesn't care about you.

nowadays, people take their cell phones with them, and no matter how busy they are, they always have time to read the news. One text message is not answered, and two text messages are not answered. After a long time, their minds are clear.

but when you like someone, you are not very aware of the trouble that sudden greetings can bring to others. Sometimes the self-thought-good intentions are harassed in the eyes of others, and such a gap is embarrassing. So always blindly believe: he is busy, he did not see the news, he will reply later.

you're busy. I'll eat a lemon.

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Linda said she finally understood, and his indifference was the answer. Linda used to chase that boy, painstakingly and painstakingly, sending him long pieces of confession, making voice calls, making cell phone calls, and running to the boy's house downstairs at night, all of which she thought was passionate, but all she got was an indifferent response.

she thought she was introverted by boys and didn't take the initiative.

later, Linda was introduced F to Linda by a friend. He was also attacked by Wechat all day long. After a long time, Linda thought F was very annoyed, so he ignored his hotness. One day F said to her, "you are always so cold. You just don't like me. I don't bother you anymore."

at that moment, Linda suddenly saw himself.

indifference is the answer, the initiative is the evidence.

but many people are looking for new clues to prove something impossible.

there are many reasons to advise yourself,

there are more excuses to comfort yourself,

but none of them is convincing.

Don't be strong, don't pretend.

you should know better than us whether he loves you.

some people always like to pretend, pretend to be loved, spoiled and have to be fascinated in front of others. But it happens that such people are most likely to be seen by others for their inner fragility and inferiority complex. They yearn for love, but they do not get it.

Don't post on WeChat if you don't reply.

Don't chase those who don't love you.

are you tired? Do you feel bad? Are you sad again?

when you are sad, he will not care about you.

is it fair to worry you to death when something happens to him? Are you wronged or not?

letting go hurts, but it just hurts for a while. Just get over it.