If you want to tame a person, you have to run the risk of tears.

If you want to tame a person, you have to run the risk of tears.


I went to see the little prince two days ago.

this movie has been waiting for the premiere of the 16th since the beginning of publicity.

I have always liked this picture book before.

I still cry disgracefully when I watch this movie.

what many children will understand,

it is difficult for adults to understand.

there are so many things in the adult world that

blocks the original starry sky.

both movies made me cry like a dog in the cinema.

the mother with the baby on my right has been crying.

her daughter asked her, "Mom, why are you crying?"

You will look even more stunning in our bohemian prom dresses. You’ll be proud of your glamorous look.

Mom told her in a low voice,

"Baby, you'll understand when you grow up."

later, the girl was surprised to see the little fox.

then snuggled up in her mother's arms and said,

"Mom, they found their starry sky."

hearing this conversation, I was suddenly very moved.

sometimes what keeps your childlike innocence unhurt,

must come from the maintenance of people who love you.

sometimes cartoons express the troubles of growing up with the thoughts of children.

"When I was a child, I told myself,

even if I grow up, I will not become an adult like you."


the snake ate the elephant,

is still a hat.

many talents disappear as they grow.

Why do some master paintings feel like children's simple strokes?

is because the real art is to return to.

Children can draw childish and moving pictures

because they are simple and clean.

sometimes the works of many art practitioners,

want to express too much, infuse too much,

but forget to be moved, showing off skills will make people embarrassed.

this is the adult, thinking too much, so complicated.


in the face of love,

We meet two kinds of people in our lives.

those who possess you because they love you, and those who let go because they love you.

and this is Rose and Little Fox.

the love of roses is strongly narcissistic,

but you know, love is a matter for two people.

roses are afraid of losing,

so boast of their excellence,

but such pride will force a person away.

the little prince said:

"leaving her is the first step to get close to her."

Love a person who wants to give her the best things they can.

but the other person gets these   things you've worked so hard for, and

is not satisfied.

this desire for love can easily make people tired.

as an animal-like human being,

all want to get something back after giving.

so the forces of love are mutual.


but the little fox teaches him to love,

the real love is that I like you,

is to see you happy.

nothing can reassure me more than your smile.

if one day, I can no longer make you happy,

can no longer be moved by our memories,

then I will leave.

I think this should be the highest state of the lover.

is not selfless,

but become each other,

without losing yourself.

taming is creating ties. Once you tame something

is responsible to her forever.

however, I am too young to even know how to love her.

here are some excerpts I made while looking at the picture book.

share these sentences with you:


if you say you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, from 03:00, I begin to feel very happy, and as the time approaches, I feel happier and happier. At 04:00, I will be restless, I have discovered the value of happiness, but if you come at any time, I do not know when I will be ready to meet your mood.

We are busy all day, like swarms of soulless flies, noisy and restless, unable to hear the voice of the soul. As time goes by, Childhood is gone, we gradually grow up, the years have taken away a lot of memories, but also eroded the childish innocence that we once had in our hearts, regardless of the shackles of our hearts, we indulge in the flashy world and focus on the law of interests. We lost ourselves.

"you are beautiful, but you are empty." The little prince was still saying to them, "No one can die for you." Of course, my rose, an ordinary passer-by thinks she's just like you. However, she alone is more important than all of you, because I watered her. Because I put her in the veil. Because I protected her with a screen. Because I killed the caterpillars on her (except for leaving two or three to become butterflies). Because I have listened to her grievances and boasts, and even sometimes I have listened to her silence. Because she is my rose. "

the stars shine so that everyone can find their stars one day.

the fox said, "to me, you are just a little boy, just like thousands of other little boys." I don't need you. You don't need me. To you, I am just a fox, no different from thousands of other foxes. But if you tame me, we'll need each other. To me, you are unique in my world; to you, I am the only one in your world. "


time will ease all grief.

when your sadness is soothed,

you will feel satisfied because you have known me.

the time you spend on your roses makes your roses so important.

all adults used to be children,

although only a few people remember.

what makes the desert beautiful is that it hides a well somewhere.

only with the mind can you see the nature of things, and what is important is invisible to the naked eye.

maybe there are five thousand flowers just like you in the world, but only you are my unique rose.

if you want to tame a person, you have to run the risk of tears.

it is much more difficult to judge yourself than to judge others.

if you successfully judge yourself correctly, then you are a truly wise man.

Don't say anything, words are the root of misunderstanding.

Anthony de Saint-Exuppe

"Little Prince"


however, what I like most is this old man.

if only I could be as cool as him when I get old.

I think the old urchin is the highest state of life.

it's important to keep a childlike innocence.

he said:

if we don't traverse the world,

we don't know what our spiritual and emotional sustenance is.

but once we have traversed the world,

have found that we can never go back to that beautiful place.

when we start looking, we lose

and we don't start looking.

We have no way of knowing that everything around us is so valuable.


Love does not mean to look at each other,

but to look in the same direction.

Love is not looking at each other all day long.

Love is looking at the distance together and walking together.


I hope all of us don't become boring and boring adults.

there are more important things in this world than making money and being famous.

that means enjoying life and being with those who love us.

I hope you all find your little prince.