I'll give you a dose of philosophical film.

I'll give you a dose of philosophical film.

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what is "philosophical film"? Does such a movie exist?

Reader Albert Hoffman said: "A really good film is always a philosophical film because it can always cause people to think about important philosophical issues." I can't argue about it. However, another reader, Assyouti, said: "all bad movies can be material for philosophical discussion." I agree, too. Why not? To figure out what a philosophical film is, we may first have to figure out what the definitions of words like "philosophy", "film" and "yes" are.

Mubi published an article in 2010, listing "44 must-see movies for philosophical people" (https://mubi.com/lists/essential-movies-for-a-student- of-philosophy). Among them, the author Matt Whitlock gives some quite clear criteria for "philosophical film", that is, such a film "seems to be the embodiment of the classical philosophical thinking experiment, with a philosophical question as to its film theme." However, to me, apart from films with philosophers as protagonists or supporting roles, many other films can be counted as philosophical films, ranging from Hitchcock's "obsession" (a favorite of the fallen Guide theorist Slavozizek and many critics) to the Adventures of Bill and Ted, which is considered a bad movie.

as I mentioned in my previous article, several of the philosophical films listed by Whitlock four years ago are often mentioned in reviews. In addition, readers also mentioned several films that were previously ignored but can indeed be counted as philosophical films. We might as well relax the definition of "philosophical film" so that more films can be counted as "philosophical film". With this spirit of tolerance, we added a few more after Whitlock's 44 (below). At the same time, we have to make it clear that we cannot guarantee that the new films listed below will never tarnish the title "philosophical film". Of course, we do hope to arouse more in-depth discussion and, more importantly, to introduce some interesting and thought-provoking movies to readers. All right, needless to say, here are 27 must-see philosophical films recommended by our Open Culture readers, in no particular order:

1. Mind Walk /Mindwalk (1990)

2. The death of Rosen Grantz and Jill Dengston /Rosencrantz & amp; Guildenstern Are Dead (1990)

3. Dinner with Andre /My Dinner with Andr é (1981)

4. Wilderness Wolf /Steppenwolf (1974)

5. Berlin under the Dome /Wings of Desire (1987)

6. Jean Cocteau Trilogy-Blood of the Poet /Blood of a Poet (1930), Orpheus /Orphee (1950), Orpheus's Testament /Testament of Orpheus (1959)

7. Soul! Where are you? /Possible Worlds (2000)

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8. God of Wealth /The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

9. Holy Mountain /The Holy Mountain (1973)

10. Five hundred years later /THX 1138 (1970)

11.99 francs /99 Francs (2007)

12 An Andalu dog /Un Chien Andalou (1929)

13. Escape into nothingness /Enter the Void (2009)

14. Stalker /Stalker (1979)

15. Long live death /Viva La Muerte (1971)

16. Standing alone /I Stand Alone (1998)

17 Live together /Iris (2001)

18 World overnight /World on a Wire (1973)

19. Locke /Locke (2013)

20. Lovers in the snow /The Widow of Saint-Pierre (2000)

21 Trial /The Trial (1962)

22 Brian's Life /Life of Brian (1979)

23 Rich people are forced to come /Being There (1979)

24. Blade Runner /Blade Runner (1982)

25 Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies (2009)

26 Is the tall man happy? /Is & nbsp; the Man Who is Tall Happy? (2013)

27. Thirteen intersections of fate /Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001)

as you all know, it's not easy to make a list of movies that satisfy everyone. So, if you don't find the movie you recommended to us in these movies, please don't mind. For me, listing these movies is worth more than buying a movie ticket-I've added several movies to my must-see list. There is no doubt that even the most experienced fans among you will be pleasantly surprised to find one or two movies you want to see on this list. If you are eager to add articles 28, 29, 30, please comment in the background and let me know.