I'll give you the best.

I'll give you the best.

In fact, you know, we always think that we will often be able to chat with others and connect with each other, but what you don't know is that such things only happen a few times in a lifetime.


when someone asks us what our impression of a person is and what you love about him, we always say, I love everything about him, but when you really love someone, there are always a few words to describe him. We love everything about a person because there are always a few things that attract us.

for example, at the moment, I am chatting with a friend on the rooftop of Soweila, Morocco. She fell into a crush on a person, and she had never been as attracted to a person as she was now. you know, there are many ways to love someone so that you can still be yourself and the best love. "youcanbeanything", you can be anyone, you can be anything, I love you, as long as you are you, you become anything, you are what I love.

like me, she is also a freelance photographer. They met on the road and have known each other for more than a year since a China Town,. She is a slow person and never dares to take the initiative to say she likes her, but he confessed his love to her yesterday. 'when you're with me, you can be yourself without worry,'he said. Compared to I love you, compared to I want to have you, I think "You can be anything", this active and passive relationship between the exchange of love, should be the most romantic words, this is a mature person's love. 'being with him makes me feel as comfortable as being stuck on the couch,' she said. did you know that we always think that we can often chat with others and connect with each other, but what you don't know is that this kind of thing only happens a few times in a lifetime. You can be anything you want.


in love, I don't like being a mother. I am a cancer, like to manage everything, treat the people I like, I can always deal with everything in order, but these forward-looking thinking, I do not want to be the only one to be affectionate. I like love with a little game. I prefer us to clench our hands and do a twist dance in a vulgar novel than to open our hands.

some of my boyfriends broke up because I was too forward-looking in love, and I was the only one like a marathon runner dragging a slacker. forwardthinking, for me, this is an important word for a good lover. everything, I want to see in front of you. For example, we all know that Narita broke up, that is, couples who have traveled can always see what life will look like in the future and decide to break up at the airport. I just experienced once, before we went out, I wanted everything ahead, and there would be some division of labor, such as I booked a hotel, he booked a flight, I asked again and again, this airline ticket must have a seat Check, do you have a final confirmation, he said lazily. As a result, on the day of departure, the counter informed us that we had to transfer to tomorrow's plane because we were not sure. This means that all the plans have come to naught.

A good lover asks you to look forward, because he has already planned your future and everything about you, and we control each other's lives so that we can go on a better journey. if you are a person who keeps me out of sight but still cares about the mess behind me, then we really can't live together. When forwardthinking, walks in front of me, I need to be a pillar, not to tie a piece of lead to the burden of love and fall into the deep sea.


Love is waiting until you see through the scenery, and you still accompany me for a long time. On this trip to Morocco, I saw a pair of gray-haired lovers by the old city wall, and I took an envious picture of them in the setting sun. When I saw me taking a picture, a French man passing by said to me in spring-tongued English, "strong>" Always in love. "  No matter where you are, you are always in love. This is the meaning of walking with you.

as stated in the video below, a good lover, , will put all the beautiful words in front of you to make you feel that love is valuable rather than hopeless. such as "I will, I will." Like "change your destiny, I will change your fate." For example, "delighting you always, always makes you smile. "for example," what are you afraid of? there's me. " for example, "keep walking, let's keep going."

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