I'm attracted to you because I don't want you to know.

I'm attracted to you because I don't want you to know.


some people are used to like it silently.

I wonder if you have ever seen single men and women.

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should be the first film, Gao Yuanyuan meets the frustrated Daniel Wu who looks like a beggar.

her appearance suddenly gave Daniel Wu the motivation to stand up.

the scene that impressed me most later was

after the frog was flattened by Gutianle, Wu Yanzu knelt in front of the little life with only their common memory and stood still all afternoon.

We all thought that Gao Yuanyuan would be nice to Wu in the end.

after all, she was handsome and nice to her.

as a result, I still followed Louis Koo in the second part.

some people's lives are as elusive as such plots.

who knows who ends up with whom?

it seems that women are not fond of men, but masochistic scum men.

I have a friend who studies pure art in Yangmei.

she likes to follow a lot of people she likes, but she panics when they fall in love with her. I feel that my mind has been discovered and exposed in broad daylight. I like a person's heart like running naked on Changan Street.

"I don't want him to know that I like him."

this seems to be the disease of many people.

just like Wang Fei's feelings for Liang Chaowei in Chongqing forest.

"I love you, it's none of your business."

instead of giving you a ticket, I'll draw you a ticket until we can really start, and then we dare to intersect with you.

Today is Friday, showing you an Oscar animated short film Paper Man.

I have done pictures with a GIF in it before, and many people ask me what kind of movie I am, and it is the one I recommend to you today.

it's just like the plot in single men and women, except that the rickety paper plane in this animation shortens the time from nine to five.

OK, let's see:

about the paper man, I saw such a review on Douban. I thought it was very good. I excerpted it:

"the reason why love movies can attract and move the audience is that our audiences are willing to believe that no matter how difficult life is, it has nothing to do with love. Everyone, whether born rich or poor, can equally enjoy the joy and happiness brought by love. "

I hope you all get something in love.