I'm your unqualified girlfriend.

I'm your unqualified girlfriend.

But right now, I just want to be your girlfriend again.


Yes, I am not a qualified girlfriend. I have told you since the day we were together. I haven't grasped the rules of getting along for a long time, what is a retreat, what is advanced, passive, active, presumptuous, and restrained, how can I handle all such complicated things? feelings always make it difficult for those who are more sensible, but I am so unreasonable that I naturally become the one who is not sensible. You have never blamed me, but I sometimes blame myself, although I always turn around and forget.

I have endless shortcomings. I like to drink and still think that I am not drunk, so I occasionally try to turn my best friend's wine bureau into watching movies and drinking coffee on weekends.

I like shopping and have an uncontrollable desire to buy. I don't wear high heels all over the floor at once. I'm afraid you'll get angry, so I buy a bow tie that you don't like at all to coax you. You said that you boys are partial to electronics, but the pink keyboard I gave you made you laugh so much that you had no choice but to pinch my ear.

I am easily sleepy. In a quarrel, you ran to the sofa with a pillow to sulk. After a while, I also quietly held the pillow to accompany you, trying to make you happy, but when you were talking about the crux of the problem, I just couldn't hold my head to sleep. When I woke up the next day, I saw you lying outside the quilt, still holding me in your arms, but the cocked hair on your forehead did not tell me that you had not calmed down.


you finally look forward to the holiday, but I close the curtains during the day to haunt you to watch horror movies, and at night you are not allowed to play games with me on Rest, but I am too poor in skills and impatient. I still have to rely on you to figure out a way to win, while doing professional analysis with me where I should hide and stop next time.

I hate the Cold War, and I won't allow you to say calm down. at this time, I walk around you trying to get around your rational emotions. Tell you about Aunt Zhang, who likes to litter downstairs, and tell you that the color of the socks at the door is different today. I wrote a note to scold you for being ruthless, just like Shu Huan to Yiping. I don't cry much, but I just won't let you catch your breath.

I'm afraid you don't know. Your calm, rational and slow way of reasoning is particularly fierce, more than a hundred times more fierce than the way you speak loudly. But you know, you told me when we made up and hugged that every time I started chattering, I was just tugging at your sleeve to tell you not to get angry.

you see, you always know everything, which makes me look like an unqualified girlfriend at all.


and besides these problems, I still have a lot of things that I am not ready for. I'm not ready to wear a sling skirt for a skinny summer, I'm not ready to cut my hair and hang cool in the street, I'm not ready to press the shutter to shoot all your soft expressions, I'm not ready to put on an apron and cook a meal that may not be delicious, I'm not ready to leave you, but I'm not ready to be with you and believe that I will never be separated.

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you say that romance is not in the sky, but daily life. You also said that there are no rules to get along with each other, and girlfriends are not qualified or not. I don't know if you see me suffering from menstrual cramps, so you deliberately say something nice to comfort me.

although I always look super confident and brag, I know that I am not cool, not free and easy, not optimistic, not brave, not as decent as I am in front of outsiders. there are so many tender, considerate and beautiful young girls in the world. I hope you are blind and busy. You can't squint and you can't see any of them. the emotional analysis of positive energy is updated all day long. I wish you knew every word, but whenever they were connected, you couldn't understand every word.


although I have always been your unqualified girlfriend, next weekend, we will still wade on the grass by the lake in the park before sunset. I'm worried that the bug will get into your ear, and you're worried that I won't eat when I lose weight and I'm hungry.

We will watch some funny jokes and maybe have some terrible questions with a smile, but I know we will sigh deeply and then continue to laugh together. The wind stopped and blew again and again, and we looked foolish and didn't know how to fear. Even the dark clouds had to withdraw gloomily when they saw the scene.

maybe I can't be your qualified girlfriend after all.

maybe what you say is true, there are no rules to get along with each other, and your girlfriend is not qualified or not.

but now,

I just want to be your girlfriend again.