In 2021, I was cured by the Ta.

In 2021, I was cured by the Ta.

"We should all know how to cheer ourselves up."

Asp i rin M u s e u m

must be opened.

is super beautiful! Good night, you and the world. Have you ever looked closely at other people's faces? Every face I remember is just an overall impression. I have no impression of what Ta looks like in those happy, sad, sad, helpless, and comfortable moments. After realizing this, I began to pay special attention to other people's expressions. Recently, I saw a video of a flexible and warm blockbuster launched by people's Daily online and Jizerou. The content of the video is the story behind each "Chinese face": countless faces appear in the video, there are middle-aged people who are tired of setbacks, little boys who practice their basic skills, mothers who say goodbye to their children, and teenagers who fight for the college entrance examination. Ta is very hard, sweat, tears, but also have one thing in common, is to have a "Chinese face", the name of this face is-flexibility. I thought about every face I met in my life, and I also thought of several stories related to "flexibility".

"when he looks at me with a smile,

is gentle and firm.

some people say that you will feel a heartbeat when you look at a stranger for 60 seconds. I don't know if this theory applies to everyone, but I do indulge in tenderness and firmness when taken seriously. Because I instinctively believe that the tenacity of love can last forever, and can help each other through silver marriage and golden marriage until we grow old together. Probably a lot of girls are like me, there are many moments of lack of self-confidence, can see their various shortcomings, whether it is appearance, or character. In the past, I liked to hide when I was in love, but it was best not to be discovered. Later, I like to spread out my shortcomings and say that I am like this. But when I said a lot again, the boy opposite did not perfunctorily answer "I like everything you do", nor did I lose my temper, but listened to me very carefully, and finally said, "it doesn't matter, these are you." you don't need to change anything, and you don't need to worry about what will happen when you say it. We'll just move on. Anyway, I'll always be there. At that moment, I felt cured. Exposing my shortcomings was a small trick, which was to "force" the other party to accept them. But few people, like him, so gently and firmly choose to stand by my side. at that moment, his face made me want to believe that someone in the world would come for me.

"my mother cries very much, but

gives me the greatest strength.

before 18 years old, I thought my mother was a very" pussy "person; after I was 18 years old, I want to be like my mother. Just like in the past, I would not understand why a small body could drive such a big van. It was only when I grew up that I realized that love had given her the strength of fortitude. In the past, I always saw my mother's tears. She cried because she was unhappy in life. After all, I couldn't learn to cry. After all, I was bullied by my neighbor's children, because I cried thousands of miles away from college. I used to think that she was disgraceful, uninspiring, sensitive, and fragile, and secretly vowed to be a different adult. But when I grew up, I came across a lot of things and slowly began to understand her. She, too, smiled and said when my father was sick, you don't have to come back, I can take care of him alone; or she, after I broke up with my boyfriend of five years, came to me immediately and said nothing and made me dumplings to eat; what's more, she, no matter how old I was, would hide me behind me for the first time when something happened, and the baby protector usually gave me a sense of security. I gradually understand that I have become what I am today, my self-confidence, the biggest support in my life, and I do my things at will, all because of her presence behind me. is her softness and firmness, has become my most reliable backing.

"I didn't see her face clearly, but

I felt relieved a lot

whether it was cold winter months or hot summer days, the nurses who were" heavily armed "kept testing non-stop, and the tenacity they showed made me feel ashamed of myself, who often complained. At the beginning of last year, because of the secret connection, our community was closed as a whole, with all nucleic acids. From 3: 00 p. M. to 5: 00, everyone was asked to go to nucleic acid. The time was very tight, and there was panic in the process, all kinds of news in the group. Constantly asking how to order takeout, can you provide isolation proof to ask for leave, and so on. When it was time to make nucleic acid, many people were waiting in line. When it was my turn, I sat down and said, "I'm so nervous." the epidemic prevention staff smiled and said, "it's all right, just like going to school when I was a child. Yeah 'and you'll be ready soon." At that moment, I looked up at her. Although the face hidden in the protective clothing was not so clear, it gave me a particularly reassuring feeling. Yes, at any time, the Ta will show up as soon as possible, arrange everything most efficiently, and get everything back to order. there are such faces that are "retrograde" in the epidemic, no matter how nervous they are, they will be soothed. when we think about it, we seem to spend a lot of time watching hot searches, eating melons, and staring at untrue stories in TV dramas, but often ignore the people and things around us, as well as the soft and tough qualities of Ta people. Life is not only the prosperity of the distance, around the fireworks, companionship, a sense of strength, but also worthy of being seen by us. This is also the people's Daily working hand in hand with Jizerou.The reason for jointly launching the annual warm blockbuster on the occasion of the Spring Festival, by telling the story behind each flexible "Chinese face", let everyone see the beautiful existence around you, and pay attention to the touching and memorable moments in real life. What kind of "Chinese face" should you have in mind? When do you think of "flexibility", whose face is the first thing that comes to mind? At this moment, whose face do you most want to appear in front of you? In 2022, Jierou launched to you the invitation of "more than flexible Chinese people, jubilant Chinese faces" to participate in the Spring Festival interaction. There are a variety of photo frame templates on the event page. Choose the one you like most to upload your flexible Chinese faces and customize your photos or videos for New year greetings. After sending flexible wishes, there are a limited number of 5000 joint gift boxes and a total of 90000 WeChat red packet covers, waiting for you to check, unusual joy, to accompany you through the flexible 2022 years.

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good night, you and the world.

Goodnight, all and you.