In Beijing, the most terrible thing is not those who pretend to live, but those who are easily incited.

In Beijing, the most terrible thing is not those who pretend to live, but those who are easily incited.

I never pretend to live, because I am life itself.

Today is the first time that I don't send a message to you at 10:30 in the evening, just to talk to you about this. At more than midnight last night, a friend of mine sent me an article called "Beijing, 20 million people are pretending to be living." I haven't followed a hot spot for a while. After reading this topic, I don't even have to read the article. I knew what he should have written in this article. I glanced and rolled my eyes. As expected, used region to create antagonism. Use the pressure of life to counter the pressure on everyone.

my friend told me that this might be called empathy, and I replied that it might be called a large-scale complaint, and he was taking advantage of people's emotions or so-called empathy.

but the value and significance of this article itself, I think, is 0.

I have to say that many words now in the market have no practical meaning except advocating and inciting people's emotions. For many people, the writer's starting point has become very narrow.

how many people are relaxed after reading this article?

is the solution to the current problem?


what I have is only a glimmer of goodwill and hope for the day and the future with my head held high. After watching this, I go to bed and fly slippers. I feel that life is fucking bereavement. I am pitiful. That's it. I have to buy a car, buy a house, get married and have children. I want to change what my original family brings to me. I squeeze the subway and bus. I am really tired, pitiful as I am. No one is more miserable than me. but what is the frame of reference for this? it is matter, not spirit. this is the point where the author of the original text can incite emotions. It is precise because the spiritual world is so barren that all references are focused on matter, and emotions are generated on this basis.

you should never underestimate the power of words. Since I opened a coffee shop based on this official account and books and met all kinds of people, many people will choose to come to the store to talk to me after work or in their spare time. From a 12-year-old girl in 2005 to a big brother in his forties in'69, every age group will encounter their problems. But most people are optimistic to solve the problem, which is a very gratifying thing for a listener. The only girl who is not quite the same is a 31-year-old girl who suffers from anxiety and depression. She told me that she is usually under a lot of stress and usually sees some negative energy in new media articles. she instinctively looks at these things to find empathy, so she will be sadder and sadder. I told her not to look, to see more sunshine, positive things, and now she often comes to my coffee. The state of mind is no longer like the first time, I am glad but also happy for her. So for this article that has been brushed on the screen, you don't know what the person who has read it will do, and if it happens to be a depressed person who reads the most frustrating article, you are not sure how bad it will be in his mind.

the person who wrote the article is like the man who finally became a zombie and had to bite the uncle who became a zombie in the movie "Pusan Journey". He has a bad heart. Life is not easy. We should go through the last cave, through the people who turned us into zombies and become the last ones alive.

to be honest, this is not just happening in Beijing. does not need to demonize Beijing in this way, nor does it need to demonize Beijingers and outsiders in this way. the local friends around me in Beijing are all very nice, including friends from other places, and they are also nice. regardless of the non-local people in Beijing, they all have dreams. to tell you the truth, there are good and bad people in every city, and they are all family members. Back in history, there are all monkeys. What else is there to argue about? what else can it bring if you get rid of the inexplicable anger? Apart from intensifying contradictions, what other problems can be solved?

so I think the class between people is not divided by city, much less by income, but in two ways. The first is spiritual wealth, the vs is mentally barren, and the second is the complainers, vs changers.  

the empathy of public opinion and negative energy is the most populous fascism.

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the mentally rich changers can lead and change the world. The mentally barren complainers will only guard their acres all day long, swearing, complaining about their bad life, just banging, and always banging. This part of the complainers must be easy to manipulate, but easy to be incited, and it is terrible. If you check out the comments on social news or celebrity gossip on Weibo, "strong" must be the same group of people. It's just another place to eat melon seeds.

what does it boil down to? Free.

when you are free, you have time to complain.

pretending to be the opposite of life is to live hard. "pretend", is a subjective behavior, you can choose or not choose.

I have met a person who knows how to live. A designer friend of mine used to live in a 10-square-meter cubicle in the Pearl River Oasis district of Shuangqiao subway station. The small cubicle was covered with design manuscripts, even though the room could only be stuffed with a bed and a nightstand. Now he has his own big house and his car, but that's not the point, because no one knows what he experienced during the ten years he lived in that cubicle. I have never heard a word of complaint from him. I see a lot of humor about life in him. We can call this thing pleasure in bitterness, but the foothold must also be joy, which is hope, the core that cannot be crushed.

in Beijing, no one pretends to live. We are born as human beings, which is already the greatest welfare. As a way to keep you alive, life will bring you a lot of doom to obtain the True Sutra.

so don't think too pitifully of yourself. If you define yourself as miserable first, it will be hopeless. and the pressure I just mentioned that those who feel sorry for themselves always settle in Beijing. It has nothing to do with the city. It is born as a human being, and everyone will have the pressure. People themselves are a process of continuous improvement. Only by going through hurdles and practice is it possible to move up the Rank. If you can live, you need to go through a lot of mourning to know what happiness is and what you want, not the result of bereavement but complaining.

nowadays people just live too seriously, too vulnerable and sentimental, not relaxed at all, no humor, no fun. of course, the world is not fun, and life will never make you happy everywhere, but when we come, we have to be chic, relaxed, and humorous.

so I refuse to be represented.

I am one of more than 20 million people,

but I never pretend to live, because I am life itself.

and I also believe that most people after this number are life itself.

if you don't change your mind at first, you will be able to live the life you want. Even after doom, it is a blessing to the future, just as innocent people can love. It is their secret to have love and hope in their hearts, not to lose and complain, so that they will not be disappointed by time. This is also our secret.