In May, please use Paella to be nice to yourself!

In May, please use Paella to be nice to yourself!

When I hear the name of the dish, I feel complicated and advanced-- [Paella]

when you open your moments and brush out the words "month X, please be nice to me", you will know that the well-received May is coming again. And I think the reason why people like to unify their formations on this day is simply because they want to have a holiday.

diffuse (mei) (ren) fake (yue) (jiu), didn't want to sleep, so he flipped through all the messages, only to find that someone complained: "is this kind of thing called cooking?" I also posted a bunch of selfies. I dare to bet that I won't even stir-fry the meat back to the pot! "

I was so angry that I was looking for a reason to take a selfie. Then what do you think?! But then I thought, why do you say I won't fry the pot meat? I was born in the hometown of the pot meat.

so, in order to restore the dignity of a Chongqing-Sichuan mixed-race, this time we have to make a dish that feels complex and advanced when listening to the name of the dish-[Paella]! (well, I really won't fry the pan meat



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Pearl rice, saffron, shrimp, green mouth, scallops, squid, celery, red bell pepper, small tomato, onion, lime, pea, garlic, white wine

first cut garlic, onion, red bell pepper, tomato, celery into pieces

then stir up! Pour the olive oil into the pan and stir-fry the onions until transparent. (what ps, does here is a portion for two.)

then pour the garlic.

then pour celery.

after a little stir-fry, you can pour the tomatoes and red peppers down. Here, stir-fry until the tomatoes are juicy and the red peppers are soft.

then pour the raw rice and saffron directly, and add a little chili powder.

mix well and pour in the right amount of white wine, about 100 milliliters. You can also pour some more if you can drink it.

when the wine is completely volatile, add broth after you can't smell it, about one and a half spoonfuls, just short of rice.

sprinkle sea salt. (salt by feeling)

sprinkle black pepper and crush. (use it every time, want to give it the most photogenic award)

then don't flip it, reduce the heat for about 15 minutes, and let it reflect on why it is so difficult to do.

when the soup is almost finished, Shanghai fresh and peas will be ready! Press the seafood into the rice, really can not press it, life is a little casual ~ but the important thing is that the seafood must be washed clean, how to wash their own Baidu, I am an assistant to wash. (ha how

after setting up, cover the pot and simmer for another 15 minutes. If you are worried that the seafood is undercooked, you can turn over midway, not tell you to turn over.

until the soup is almost finished, you can turn off the heat and put lime out of the pot!

fried chicken is delicious! Read this sentence carefully to me! There is also a mysterious smell of saffron, hurry to make a pot during the holiday!

finally, I wish you all drunk every day! & gt;3