In my moments, I just want to share her.

In my moments, I just want to share her.

I love you so much.


I haven't been home for a long time, so I was attracted by the familiar aroma as soon as I entered the door. I know that my mother is preparing her specialty chicken stewed mushrooms again. How long has it been since I experienced that, sitting on the sofa lazily watching TV, waiting for my mother to urge me to say dinner, I staggered to the dinner table and sat down?

in the sixth year of being out, I was very familiar with the takeout phone of the restaurant across the street. I was very used to taking the key and taking the money downstairs to get the takeout, and then stuffing the food into my mouth indiscriminately in the fog when the lunch box was opened. I have also tried to be a mother's best chicken stewed mushrooms, but either too salty or lack of taste, always can not taste the familiar taste.

I like watching TV when I eat. My mother always talks about this. She puts away my cell phone, turns off the TV, knocks on my rice bowl with chopsticks, and urges me to eat seriously. When I was having dinner with my mother, she always wanted to ask me how my school was, how my work was, and how my friends were doing as if she wanted to get back all the company she had missed in just one meal.

she is very gentle.

is a gentle person.

is also a very stubborn person. Probably the N + 1 time told her, how to take a screenshot of the phone, how to send an email, how to set a password, but there is always the N + 2 time to ask, "how to take a screenshot of the phone?" "how do I send an email?" "how do I set the password?"

I bought her a camera, but I couldn't use it many times, so it was dusty in a corner of the house. She hated the gaudy clothes she picked out in the big shopping mall, thinking that the clothes she bought cheaply were affordable and easy to wear. the skincare products that gave her Sephora always said that they would not be given up until they expired and none of them were of any use.

she is very stubborn.

is a stubborn person.


Xiao M said, "sometimes chatting with my mother is tiring. I have to talk about a lot of things several times. Over the years, I subconsciously want to avoid communicating with her." I said, "Yes, but after leaving home for a long time a lot of times will be inexplicable, thinking of those days with my mother, watching TV with her, chatting with her, shopping with her, these times are still very warm."

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I have been busy in recent years. I can only go back to see her when I have time. Time flies. This year, she seems to be a little older and more energetic than last year. Time, you go slowly, I hope you can make me successful to catch up with her growing old so that I can have more time to go shopping with her, watch TV with her, and accompany her to do what she wants to do.


some time ago, she was infatuated with helping my mother with makeup, she didn't know any brand of cosmetics and skincare products, so she told her one by one. Wiping her face, painting her eyebrows, and melting her lips, she wrote it down like a pupil listening to a lecture. Sometimes I would praise her for looking good in makeup, just like a child was praised and said happily, "I already look good, otherwise, how could I have a beautiful daughter like you?"

I saw a picture of my mother when she was young at my grandmother's house, wearing a small dress and a girlish smile on her face. Mother, also sent flowers, brewed wine, and spring water to make tea, used to wear beautiful clothes, and used to be such a beautiful and charming little girl.