In the last 60 seconds of life

In the last 60 seconds of life

I hope that every hundred years, I can wake up for 60 seconds to see what the world has become.


some time ago, I bought a car for my mother.

after buying the car, let's choose the number and put on the license plate.

the large hall is full of people choosing numbers. unlike the lottery in Beijing, we can all choose the number we like, but no one likes to mention "4", because for travel, we all don't like to leave the shadow of 4 on the means of transportation. In the part of the optional number and the rest of the number field, there are only four left, and the good number has been picked out by others, so we give up our choice and have to choose the number randomly. In contrast, people love the number 6, because Shun, like 9, because for a long time, and our consciousness always tends to be forever.

because of homophones, we are all taboo. Few people can face death directly about anything related to death, which is something we all avoid very much, and this is also a very profound philosophical problem.

Zhou Guoping said: we cannot overcome the fear of death, but we can overcome the fear of fear.

what would you say to the world if you were given the last 60 seconds of our lives?


in the blink of an eye, four babies were born and two lives left.

about the meaning of life, because one day we will face death, and have the lust and desire for life.

when we are alone after work, through brief greetings with colleagues, through bustling cities, noisy traffic, and getting rid of fatigue, we bury ourselves deeply in bed pillows and quilts, and when we fall asleep and wake up hit by something on our mind, we may have a fleeting thought: why on earth am I so tired?

for freedom, for money and material things, everything is for us and our families to see the ugly side of the world as little as possible while we can still listen and feel it, and to live happily and worthily, to look at the magnificent side of the world in the sense of life and to live with what we love. This is the most sincere feeling that we struggle for.


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the meaning of life that I see is actually very simple.

my high school classmate is starting his own restaurant. He has just been married for a year and his wife is pregnant. After 11:00 in the evening, he posted a short video on moments, filmed the traffic, and said that the motivation of my busyness every day is to go home and get a good night's sleep with my wife and children in my arms.

before he died, my grandfather saw his dead uncle coming to pick him up in the clouds. He was refreshed for three days and then died peacefully. Maybe many people are happy and relieved at the moment of death, that's what they mean.

one of my college classmates has been walking almost constantly in recent years, and the meaning of life for her is to enjoy herself on the road, to meet more interesting people, and to see things we don't know.

give us another hundred years, in fact, we may not be able to understand the world, we can not even understand the hearts of the people, so what do we care about, put aside everything, and mention the question that we may all avoid: "if we had only 60 seconds left in life, what would we say to the world?"

this is the favorite video I have seen recently, Ji Shisan said. Maybe our physical body will die in the future, but our consciousness will spread to a certain space, and we are immortal. Luo Zhenyu said, I only need 60 seconds, every 100 years, give me 60 seconds, let me see the world.