Instant | "I will miss a lot, but I can no longer say forgive."

Instant | "I will miss a lot, but I can no longer say forgive."

"We should all know how to make ourselves happy." A s p i r


Huang Zhizhong's Weibo about relatives and strangers reminds me of a lot of things. He said, "We should respect good people." He also means that the reason why we want to be kind to our loved ones is not just because of the blood relationship between us, but because of the kinship between us.

We sometimes hate relatives who urge us to get married, not because we hate this person, but just because we hate it. We sometimes quarrel with our families, but we can't break up our family. When Luo Zijun divorced in the TV series, she cried hard and said, "although there are often conflicts in our family, we have never doubted each other's love and attachment."

I think you should understand what I'm saying. Many of you here, at my age, we all grew up in such a family. Although our family will quarrel, quarrel and fight, we know that we will always quarrel and fight. Because when we think of this family, we feel very warm and secure. "

I have a lot of feelings. I haven't called my uncle and aunt since I was sensible. When they came face-to-face in the street, they didn't recognize me long ago, and I wouldn't consider whether I should say hello.

up to now in my twenties, I still can't make them apologize for what they have done and will not stop, so I can only hate, hate, and ignore these two people who have long been unrelated. In this way, I remind myself that I must not be as bad to my family as they are.

I have been told that I am a relative after all, and as a younger generation, I still need to know how to be polite.

this is not the case. Relatives are those who will not be separated. They are those who are unwilling to hurt each other even if they quarrel with each other. Relatives can be family members, friends, or lovers, and those who are always hurting their family members will not be relatives even if they are related by blood, just bad guys. all I can do is to make a clear distinction between grudges and grudges. If I can be good to the bad guys, how much injustice will there be to the good and good people in my life?


Lin Shu held back tears in his eyes. Do you miss it? yes. But he would not look back at the old man.

at that moment, I remembered when he was very young, when he was still my uncle, one summer, on very hot noon, he drank a lot of wine and lay on the bed. He asked my brother to call me to the bedside while I was playing outside, holding my hand tightly, and the other rough palm gently patted the back of my hand, repeating the words, "Hey, you must study hard, eat well, and don't be picky about food." I need to grow a little taller. "

I used to have this relative. At that time, he would take us fishing in the reservoir. My brother protected me from falling into the river. My younger brother hid behind a tree and held up a model of a pistol made of wood. Pretend to be a heroic policeman in the movie.

my childhood was when I began to tell the good from the bad, and in that signal of the end, I lost the hope that I could eat well and grow taller.


Yes, I miss it once in a while, but

I can't take another look.

I can't even bless anyone. I just hope that all the good things can be better, and every bad person who does something bad will get the punishment he deserves. The grudges of each generation will not cycle in the new life, but if the next generation cannot be relatives, then be irrelevant strangers. In this way, it can be regarded as a thing that does not increase iniquity.

I will miss many things and people very much, but I can no longer say forgive.

I will try to remember something better so that the warriors who kill dragons will not become dragons, and those who stare at the abyss will not be swallowed up by the abyss.

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