Is there a song that reminds you of me?

Is there a song that reminds you of me?


and you happen to be here

the lights are off, and the moon is a lonely eye. Quietly watching who can't sleep alone. Long time no see. Are you all right now? You once said you didn't want to be alone.

We all live in this city, but why don't we meet again, just brush shoulders with strangers?

is there such a song that will make you follow gently? Affect our common past, memory will not be silent. Is there such a song that will make you remember me in your heart? makes you happy and makes you sad, such a me.

the song I am singing now represents that I am telling you.

even if the days passed quickly, we once walked through together.

Zhou Huajian

is there a song that reminds you of me

songs & nbsp; songs

I have always liked the lyrics of this song.

I don't know whether it is the older I get more nostalgic or whether I am too tired now.

I can always take out the old days and smack them.

when drinking and chatting with old friends,

can always talk about the past,

who went to Beijing to work,

who opened a studio in Shanghai.

who has returned to his hometown.

it seems that nothing has changed in the past decade or so, and

everything has changed, but we never admit it.

some people have left, and we don't want to admit it.

we have become less talkative, and we don't want to admit it.

We are not willing to admit that

is a lot of places we have walked together, and

has changed.

it turns out that the table is there and the chair is here.

it turns out that there is a big potted plant.

We sit here and drink through the same straw.

but they are all gone,

only live in memory.

the friends around me are the same,

but the lover is not that one.


I have a friend who is post-80s,

1985. He is 30 years old this year.

he especially likes the tasteful old man band Longitudinal Line.

among them, I especially like Zhou Huajian.

my favorite song is whether there is a song that reminds you of me.

besides, it is Li Zongsheng's hill.

he also loved a girl deeply.

then because of his wandering personality,

could not give the girl a stable home.

however, he really loves her.

they have been together for seven years.

now the girl's child is more than three years old.

he has talked about several things, but nothing has come to an end.

so I'm still single, because I can't forget her.

he likes Zhou Huajian's lyrics:

"We live in the same city every day.

Why don't we meet each other and just rub shoulders with strangers?"

one day, however, they met in the supermarket.

I don't know if you have seen Nine lives.

this story I will tell you tomorrow.

A story in

is very much like him.

met ex in the supermarket, the other party is already a wife.

he told me later that it was a wonderful feeling.

he went out and thought he should go back and give her a hug.

but when he hurried back,

passed through the corridors of several supermarkets, and

could not find her, just as she had disappeared from him.

several of our friends chatted that day, and he drank a lot of wine.

We told him not to indulge in the past.

people should move on.

he said, you are not me and do not understand what she means to me.

but what can I do? she is no longer the one you are.

obsession can only allow yourself to draw a circle on the ground as a prison.

later, at the 2013 Longitudinal Line Concert,

he met her there. She and her husband were holding the baby.

at that time, the child was more than one year old, smiled very well and looked like his mother.

this reminds him of their unborn child.

four old men are singing,

is there a song that reminds you of me,

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the one who makes you happy and makes you sad?

even if the days pass by, we have walked together.

he burst into tears.

there are many stories in the concert.

there are two tickets for only one person, and

there are two people who have been hearing about it since ten years ago.

there are people who call their lovers or friends to listen, and

others get high when they see their idols all the time.

but there are always some reasons to go to a concert.

like someone, but for no reason.

Concert is a melting pot of emotion.

the older the concert, the more interesting it will be..