It doesn't matter. You can totally rely on me.

It doesn't matter. You can totally rely on me.

every year at the end of the year, it is inevitable to review the details of the past year and make a wish for the new year. Are you the same? as you get older, your wishes become easier and simpler. Before the age of 10, we wish to grow up quickly, and our parents should not always force ourselves to study and have more time to play; at the age of 18, we wish to meet true love, and Prince Charming in the idol show will appear in our lives; after the age of 24, we wish to work smoothly, it's best to get rich overnight and stop working, and have a good relationship. when we are more mature, the only wish we make is for ourselves and our families to be healthy, safe and happy. maybe it's because parents, who used to be omnipotent in our minds, begin to rely on our care as they get older. Friends with children will also say that their children are their armor and their weakness. While relying on TA's company, they are also dependent on TA. The word dependence probably forms the core of all intimate relationships in our lives. think about it carefully, life is not one "dependency cycle" after another. With the change of identity, we become interdependent and supportive family, friends, and lovers. Every urbanite probably has the same trouble, because if you want to make money, you can't stay with your family all the time. The greatest expectation in life is that your family can be in good health. But life is busy, lack of skills, powerless, and I have to deal with the troubles of sub-health. so everyone has a general expectation-who will let me rely on it! at this appropriate time to review and look forward to, I found a few friends around me and talked to you about the source of the sense of security dependence over the past year, and what else I want to rely on.

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"2022, my health can depend on TA." @ South South

seems to be very busy this year. As a freelance painter, I have to face the computer every day and often sit all day until I have a sore back and stiff shoulders and neck. When I am busy working overtime, I don't even care about eating, and I often feel uncomfortable in my stomach and intestines. In the middle of the year, I got stones because I drank too little water, which was too excruciating. It turned out that the dry mouth, low back pain, and fatigue that appeared from time to time before we were all signals from the body, but it was a pity that I had ignored them all the time. Then I set N alarm clocks on my phone, noon: lunch, 18:00: dinner, and several others, reminding me to get up every other hour to get a glass of water. But when you have a meeting or a proposal, you forget to turn it off, and the alarm will go off inappropriately, and you have no choice but to give up in the end. A friend told me that you can use the method of clocking in to remind yourself that eating on time and drinking eight glasses of water as a daily punch-in item, like a game clearance, will have a great sense of achievement and should help you form a habit. It sounds like fun, but the sign-in software I was looking for before, either the interface is not good-looking, it is not in line with my painter's fastidious aesthetic, or the function is not easy to use, and you have to pay to unlock it. However, I recently found the "sign-in component" that comes with my phone, which perfectly meets all my requirements. My biggest wish now is to rely on "TA" in 2022, to achieve small sign-in goals, to develop good living habits, and to find solutions to my health problems in the new year.

"2022, Mom depends on me, I rely on TA." @ change

people are prone to all kinds of minor ailments when they get older, and so is my mother. After the age of 50, there are more and more physical problems, so I usually pay attention to her health problems. Under the advice of the doctor, I bought her some necessary nutrition, but there is also a problem, that is, the food she wants to eat is too miscellaneous. Health products, nutrition, regular medicine, some before meals, some after meals, some once a day, some three times a day, she always can not remember when to eat which, how much to eat. In addition, she has always had the problem of high blood pressure. I always remind her to eat a light diet, don't worry, monitor her blood pressure frequently, and take medicine at a time when necessary. But she is usually busy at work, and she can't be around to remind her all the time. Recently, I found a new way to set the medication time and dose for her on her mobile phone in advance and bound a sphygmomanometer with Bluetooth to record her blood pressure data for a long time, so that I could keep track of her blood pressure changes regularly. My mother said that seeing that I was so busy with her and doing everything so perfectly, she could safely rely on me in the future. What she didn't know was that I also found a right-hand man I could rely on on-I did these things well with the medication and blood pressure components that came with TA.

"2022 makes me a more relaxed parent." @ Eminem

after being a parent, paying attention to the health, study, and safety of my children is my most important job every day. When the child was still young, she stayed by her side all the time. Although she worked hard, she was secure in her heart. I could see her every move, know that she was healthy and carefree, and didn't have much to worry about. When the child enters kindergarten and primary school, the job of taking care of the child is easy, but his heart hangs up. Like most parents around me, I bought a little genius's phone watch for my children. The function is very simple, and I can contact them at any time only in case of an occasional emergency. I often worry about her condition for most of the day, and I will be even more anxious if the electricity runs out in time for my watch. Later, I upgraded my child's watch, and now I can not only talk to her, but also see the child's location and device information on my mobile phone, and confirm her safety at any time. You can also pay attention to the length of time the child uses the device, vision protection, and so on according to the changes of the 3D villain in the component. In the new year, we have to rely more on "TA", so that we and the children the relationship between children is closer, accompany me to help children develop good health habits. / when you think about it, "parent-child" is a process of constant rotation. We were children who depended on our parents, and then adults who were dependent on our parents; we used to be dependent on our children, and then we relied on our children to give us more company. Fortunately, all this dependence is not a burden, but a symbol of sweetness, and we expect to be dependent because it means that we are old enough to take responsibility. Better yet, we can rely on good tools to safely hand over part of the "work" to "TA"-- Vivo's original system OriginOS Ocean. To take better care of our health, we can rely on sign-in components, menstrual components, and environmental components to remind ourselves to take good care of the body, develop good health habits, pay attention to the surrounding air environment, and pay attention to our physical changes. To take better care of our parents' health, we can rely on medication components, blood pressure components, and sleep components to take care of our parents like family doctors, pay attention to their physical conditions at any time, detect problems in advance, and strangle risks in the cradle. To take better care of our children's health, we can rely on small genius components and child guardians to build closer ties with our children. Even if we can't be around all the time, we can protect our children and let TA grow up healthily. I hope my family will be healthy and safe. Behind this seemingly simple wish, there are countless thoughts and contributions. in the case of "protecting your health", Vivo's original system OriginOS Ocean gives you a trustworthy option that you can rely on to accompany you to realize your New year's resolutions. In the new year, let us continue to love life, love our family, love ourselves, and enjoy the good time when we accompany and depend on each other.