It turns out that I will still see you panic.

It turns out that I will still see you panic.


physical contact is always kinder than language.

you may not think that I am a person who lives in a mess.

in fact, my feelings are very beautiful.

not every woman can give and afford such beautiful feelings as I do.

destroy it. I'll let you destroy it. Don't be afraid.

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you just broke me.

I can still put myself together.

when I put it together, I am still me.


received more than two thousand comments yesterday, and I read them one by one.

one of the comments was left in an article three days ago.

Let me jump out of the blessing full of missing all at once.

she said she had just finished shopping from Carrefour and looked up to see her previous car passing by with a familiar license plate number, but the copilot was sitting with a new girl. They have been in love for seven years, but now they are the superfluous one. they chatted happily, just like he and himself did before. was abandoned by time and memory at the same time. At that moment, she panicked and didn't even know which direction to go. The plastic bag was changed from left hand to right hand, and her cell phone was opened and turned off. At that moment she didn't know what to do, and then she found tears on her face. She didn't know she was crying and thought it was raining.

sometimes a person will feel strange in a familiar city.

it doesn't matter if you don't have a partner.

but when you see someone who used to be close to you, become a stranger, and there are new strangers around you, and his friends begin to get to know the new girl, get acquainted with her, and comment on the difference between the newcomer and herself, she feels a moment of unease.

what is the conclusion?

I hope you can find someone better than me who you can talk to. You can go out, eat and drink together. Your copilot will no longer ride the bus, take the subway, go to the exhibition, go to the movies. I will never touch your hand again. I will never be able to hug you and kiss you again. I will cry when I see you. I hate you. I love you. I love you. I love you


I wish you happiness

I envy those who can quickly extricate themselves from the previous relationship.

being unemotional is an umbrella to protect yourself from being hurt.

everyone has a hard mouth when it comes to talking.

after all, we have to spoil our new love.

when I see you, I will see panic.

so it's best not to see you again.

it's fair to forget him.

but if you forget him, how can you afford to forget him?