It turns out that we all love May Day.

It turns out that we all love May Day.

I didn't understand why people liked to chase stars.

after dinner, hang up a pair of headphones and sit on the grass of the playground.

in the distance is the boy kicking the ball, screaming, and speeding on the court with the ball; on the side of the court are students walking in twos and threes, with floating skirts and flying looks. A little further is the slowly setting sun, dyed red half of the sky, clustered with flocculent clouds. The wind brushed the end of the hair, across the cheek, crisp itchy feeling.

this kind of feeling, is a good Mayday.

"you are a feeling, written in the summer night breeze."

when I was a freshman in high school, I saw the first video of May Day and heard his first song, which was the gentleness of the DNA concert. The blue ocean in the video is full of darkness, and only Ashin's head is lit up. He said in a gentle, almost whispering voice: "I am not in your eyes /I never understand what is hidden in your eyes." In the best part of the song, Ashin almost sang: "I give you freedom, I give you freedom, I give you all freedom." the white snow fluttered and fell all over the field, staring at the uncontrollable Ashin in the video. Tears welled up all of a sudden.

I don't know why. I don't know whether it is because of the simple but just touching lyrics, or because the scene and mood of heavy snow particularly resonate. When I listened to May Day for the first time, I burst into tears.

"This is my tenderness, this is my tenderness."

then I was fascinated and turned the song of May Day upside down. Then he began to have endless blood for the word "dream". Then a girl carried a dozen jin of electric bass on her back and sat on a bus in summer to form her band. Later, I listened to the Song of laughter and imagined how I would miss such a time after I had passed my youth. Then listen to "the most important little things", looking forward to meeting what kind of boys, will care about the dribs and drabs of life. Then listen to "Simple Man" and think about the difference between having no dream and salted fish.

for a time, May Day became the spokesman of the whole family. At that time, there was no family in Dongguan. To surprise me, a friend who also liked me in Guangzhou went to the convenience store near her home, collected a set of leaflets with a big profile picture of May Day, neatly folded it, stuffed it in an envelope, and sent it to me. When I received the bulging letter, I couldn't help being happy for a whole week. What a taste it is to hold an envelope full of friendships and idols!

after such a long time, I can't help laughing at the thought of these things. What an innocent pursuit of stars, chasing such a May Day. Will you still do these stupid little things?

as you get older, you will be more and more ashamed to say things like "like May Day". It may be because May represents those who directly and purely pursue the time they want in their hearts. Express your thoughts bluntly, pour out your pure love loudly, and bravely face up to dreams that seem out of reach. Such words seem so out of place with your more and more "realistic" and "mature" self.

one day, a good friend posted a circle of friends. She said, "I'm so tired recently. I suddenly want to hear about the sea of life." Seeing this state, I also remember that I haven't heard this song for a long time. In the playlist, there are fewer and fewer words "May Day". So I opened the player and found the song.

"even if the whole world /abandon me /at least be happy and sad, I decide /so I say let him go /I know there must betide rise /something great after the ebb"

Ashin's firm voice, like a simple and carefree youth from the other side, comes long.

the eyes just become sour with the melody.

what a distant and nostalgic, naive time. I used to believe in dreams and look forward to the future.

May is my irreplaceable and unforgettable youth.

@ eel whale

recently opened a new WeChat account with only a dozen people, and a high school friend who has not been in touch for a long time lamented in the moments that can "act recklessly", "you are human, who used to post moments in great detail every day." She said, do you remember those people who sent farewell messages at the end of the world? I was stunned for a long time and replied, "mm-hmm. There are not many around.


on the night of "Armageddon" in 2012, listen to "finally say goodbye /finally have no more tomorrow to chase", send a "farewell text message" to everyone around me, wake up the next day and the sun shines on the sheet, as usual, I stretch and yawn, giggle and finish reading all the letters calling me stupid, which is the memory of Noah's Ark.

You will look even more stunning in our scoop neck wedding dress. Spend time and consider this selection.


on the Mid-Autumn Festival night in 2013, while sitting in the last row of the cinema watching Noah's Ark Concert, I received a short message. The other person said that he was suddenly depressed and wanted to die. I raised my right hand with my cell phone so that he could hear "We all have moments /there are always acts of snubbing ourselves /but I will remind myself /if there is tomorrow". It's about the memory of "if smoke + if there is tomorrow".

in the third year of high school, we climbed the wall to skip class to go to the movies and bought tickets to escape to the seaside in the middle of the night. At that time, I told them, "I have to leave here to see you tomorrow." Now it has come to the legendary tomorrow, but this tomorrow, your side and my side are no longer on the same side. That's the memory of "cheers".

  after the 2014 college entrance examination, I listened to the last song "Adult's notice" on the bus leaving school. Tell him not to be afraid that love and youth will be waiting for him in the future /so he lost his poems and naive winter and summer basketball cartoons and guitar /he finally cried. After remembering the absence of the last Phoenix flowers on that day, I deleted all the lists of Maydays, just like the pile of yellowing textbooks and examination papers left in the dormitory area. That is the memory of "three fools".

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The history teacher dragged the evaluation paper at the end of the speech, and the hot wind blew head-on on the edge of the basketball at 05:30 in the afternoon, buying cold soda.

it seems that all the youth about summer and blue are turned into lyrics and sung by the boy named "Chen Xinhong".


he sang "if I had to choose the picture representing youth /the blue sky that showed the tears, graduation /that one crying and laughing and hugging is your face", this song seemed so popular in the summer of that year. I wonder if it was because of this reason that after graduation and after the summer ended, I hardly listened to their songs. Once upon a time, hundreds of songs in mp3, whether they were their songs or songs that helped others write songs and lyrics, almost became meaningless after the day.

looking at the dozens of post-it notes full of lyrics in front of my desk, I lost their meaning to me because of an exam. I felt ashamed at that time, and I didn't know where to come from. It seems that my love for May Day is only because I need their very hot lyrics and arrangements to survive my third year of high school.


the day before graduation, I used a black marker to write down the last May Day lyrics of my youth in a corner of my desk. It was "the destruction of my pride /the ordinary I hate /I remembered that those were my favorites /let summer play /put the cruel future /wild into light years" in "midsummer Lightyear".

it was only on that day, and only on the last day, that I could understand the style of this song, the confusion and depression behind its voice, and the end of youth. It is obviously "the eve of the graduation of the carnival", but I understand that the follow-up of the word "end" is the third year of high school, which is full of tears and sweat intertwined with love and hate, just like Lightyear, 94608 billion kilometers away from me.


I will never send more than a hundred private messages with tens of thousands of words to a person who even has a chance to meet in a "lifetime series".