It's a real pleasure to meet you.

It's a real pleasure to meet you.


I like a Japanese photographer named Yoshihiko Ueda.

he can always take pictures of noisy cities very quietly.

also likes to photograph the most retro side of China.

what he thinks is the most attractive place in China is culture.

however, many Chinese people have forgotten this.

Foreign cultures erode so fast,

that we do not have a good aftertaste of our traditional skills,

the most ancient and attractive taste,

that is the persistence of craftsmen.

I used to do photography for a while.

I photographed a couple of craftsmen.

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they set up a small studio on the side of 798.

is not very famous, but it is enough to support themselves.

because you can also see the word craftsman,

this is a job related to time, and

can also be said to be a skill.

I learned about their work in advance before I went to take pictures of them.

two people, one graduated from Gome and the other graduated from Yangmei.

I have a good impression of these two schools,

so I am also happy to film their handmade love. After


I fell in love with their studio immediately.

they mainly make handwritten books,

but everything in the house is made by hand.

the room is clean and transparent and surrounded by flowers.

the tables and chairs in the room are all made by themselves.

drawing, polishing, and installing varnish step by step,

the whole room is full of the beautiful feeling of handmade products.

you will find that things made by hand

have a very different feeling from the running water of the machine.

that is the most primitive and pure ingenuity.

like love seeping into the bone marrow,

is simple, clean, and persistent.

they treat each other's love,

also treat these objects through their hands,

speak from the heart and manage with a little patience.

craftsmen not only persist,

what makes them so persistent, in addition to their love of life,

is more from the warmth contained in their hearts.

while I was filming,

was completely warmed by their love and what they did.

I spent the whole day with them.

girls draw pictures, boys do manual work,

girls wipe sweat for boys while polishing wood,

everything takes its course without affectation.

I can even feel their daily life,

out of the world,

in a small world,

quietly and slowly make a flawless object.

before I left, I chatted with them.

the sentence I remember most clearly was that they told me:

"one day when you put your heart and soul into it, it will come to fruition."

when I type these words now,

I can feel the strength of their firmness when they spoke to me at that time,

and the warm lights and warm two people in their room when they waved goodbye.

it's a pleasure to meet you.

Please take care of me in this lifetime.