It's better to be hard.

It's better to be hard.

Why to hold back their own real needs, this kind of self-patience, it is easy to give myself a kind of, I am so aggrieved, I am all for you to resist emotions so the illusion of grievance.

my friend quarreled with his boyfriend and cried and complained to me about him. The little sister said that he was not bad to her, but he had endured some things for a long time, such as he never said good night and often disappeared without even making a phone call for a day. Having been together for so long, she didn't even know that she didn't like flowers at all and didn't like blue dresses. Today she even forgot her birthday, she said. This emotional state is not what she wants at all.

I asked her, did you tell him what you want?

he said he was so busy with the work that he was too busy to forget your birthday. You don't believe me. He said that there were so many relatives at home that they didn't reply all day. You don't believe me. He said it's not that I don't love you, I just don't know what you want, you don't believe me. Have you ever asked yourself why you don't believe it? Is it possible that in many cases, you have not been able to speak the truth that is stuck in your throat? You are used to judging others by yourself. you are used to wringing a little hesitation and refusing to say what you think. So when the other party told a simple real reason, he waved his hand and felt that it was an excuse for not paying attention to it.

for a change, he is too busy at work, so you said the day before, "Honey, I will be one year older tomorrow. I am so lonely. Let's grow old together."

as long as he has no news, you tell him, what to do, so angry, if you ignore me, I will grow small mushrooms, the poisonous kind, but if you chat with me more, I will not feed you poisonous mushrooms. If he is confused and helpless and doesn't seem to know what kind of life you want, you call him stupid and tell him, your girlfriend, I don't know everything, but it's more than enough to teach you how to please a girl.

We don't have to rely entirely on guesses and cautious side probes. Huang Zhizhong said: "they all guess the truth with their hearts, and miss a lot of hearts."

Yes, why can't you talk about it? don't forget the word "friend" between boyfriend and girlfriend. The trouble doesn't have to be solved by your boyfriend, but you can talk to him. Even if the trouble is caused by the other party. But the troubles of both of us, let's not be afraid of trouble and let it accumulate.

Don't deprive your lover of the chance to get to know you. You don't like red roses, you want to have a good morning greeting every day, you have to tell me; I like to play games after a whole day is super unhappy, I will also tell you. I have said everything I want, and when you feel embarrassed because you can't do it, I can accept your reason and don't take it seriously as an expression of not enough love.

I believe that the person I like is the kind of person who is willing to be happy with me and do more things for each other. I have the strength to speak out about what I need now, and you can ask me freely. Everyone is in a relaxed state, to enjoy the fun of life comfortably.

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fun is not only given by others, why can't we take the initiative to take what we like? I can bear your kindness to me, and I can afford all that I hope you can give. I hope I can ask you freely without any scruples. And when you generously refuse me, it doesn't hurt your feelings.

We love confidently. What's wrong with that?

Why should you hold back your real needs? this kind of self-patience is easy to give yourself a kind of grievance. I am so aggrieved. I am so aggrieved because you can hold back your emotions. The other party is innocent because you did not say, so I can only guess, guess you want to do this, guess I should not do that, but guess this kind of thing, sometimes guess wrong.

dating is a process of getting to know each other. Romantic, but it is not as romantic as it is rendered in movies and novels. When you hit the soul, you will realize it. No, in real days, understanding is a long process, and sometimes we can't guarantee it all our lives. You know all the words of the person who has been with you for half your life. But it doesn't matter, we all say more to each other, be patient, even if I can't understand all of your appearances, but I am closer to your heart than I was before, and it's also very good. This is a tedious life that gives us a romantic way to stay.

We often blame the weather for not being beautiful. Heaven sighs for a long time and is so wrong. The good things I have done are not just these things, but you never take them as a good job. We dare to speak the truth and believe that each other is telling the truth. Isn't this an easier way to make everyone happy?

Don't tell me that you have to keep an eye on love to protect yourself, who is fragile and too easy to believe. I don't want to hear this. What I want to hear is that whenever I look at you, I am always defenseless. If you are a bad person, you have to be like the lyrics: crucial, please hurt me, if you want to cheat, you must deceive me. But you are not a bad person, I know your good, and even know some you do not know the good.

as for what I don't know yet, honey, would you please tell me a little more before you have a good night today?

Let's be frank.