It's tempting to say what you can't get, but you don't regret it if you get it.

It's tempting to say what you can't get, but you don't regret it if you get it.



this is a movie about first love but

is written by a director in his sixties.

first love seems to be unforgettable for most people, and the older it is, the more memorable it is.

get out of a relationship and become something to talk about in old age.

especially if there are some unfinished wishes.

the taste is also quite delicious.

Boy Bryce meets girl Julie in a small town.

girls who like to climb plane trees fall in love with the boy at first sight, and

they want to get a kiss from him.

the girl said,

"The higher I climb, the more charming the scenery will be."

in all the memories of the past,

each other's faces can always appear clearly in front of my eyes,

like the pink sunset they watched together.

however, the most intimate contact between the hero and heroine

is only limited to that kiss.

unfinished things are full of temptations.

things can only be satisfied after they are finished.

We always say that only love and food can live up to.

the desire for food is the same as the desire for a hug for a loved one.

one warms the heart and the other warms the stomach.

have both,

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then you have most of your happiness.

I don't know if you are like me.

if you don't eat anything for a while,

you will especially want to taste it.

go to an old store. In addition to ordering the dish, you usually like,

will also see what they have new.

just like going to see an old friend,

also look at his new changes.

after eating, you will feel very satisfied.

it's like buying something you've been thinking about for a long time. At the moment of

GET, my heart was in full bloom.

everyone's taste is different,

but it is determined that the favorite taste will not change.

so no matter which kind of boy or girl you like,

try to get close to him /her, maybe he /she is yours.

although what can't be said is the most attractive,

it's better to get it.