Learn to love yourself before you are qualified to love others.

Learn to love yourself before you are qualified to love others.


the correct relationship is equal,

, however, the correct relationship cannot last.

the balance of love is always unbalanced.

conversation & nbsp; conversation

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I chatted with a friend yesterday.

the boy likes a girl.

but this girl has many pursuers.

he doesn't know how to talk to her.

I'm not sure if the girl likes him,

so he's always by her side as a good friend.

be by her side when she needs help most.

he said, "she doesn't know. I love her more than myself."

Why do you say that?

the boy works in the media industry and often works overtime late at night and often has irregular meals, but as long as the girl says that she has not eaten or is hungry, he can't wait to buy a meal for her. When the weather is cold, when the girl is very cold, he takes off his clothes for her to wear and freezes himself into a dog. One rainy day, the girl did not bring an umbrella, he gave the umbrella to the girl and lied about having an umbrella. As a result, he caught a cold all the way and caught a cold after two days.

I said she must not know what you did for her.

in the end, you just moved.

my advice to him is:

"learn to love yourself before you love others."

I don't know if he can listen.

it's scary to give without logic.

if someone stares at you and says,

do you know how much I like you,

even more, than I love myself.

I get scared.

if it is the listening party,

will feel very scary.

you can't even take care of yourself.

you don't even take care of yourself.

how do you love another person?

take care of her and take care of her.

you will find that this extreme love is sometimes a kind of show.

is like an actor who does not perform very well.

his crying only moves, but it does not resonate with the audience.

and the good relationship is that

I take care of myself and

will make you feel a sense of security,

not a limitation caused by intimidation when you get close to me.

I wear warm clothes myself, so I will remind you to wear warm clothes, too.

if you don't have an umbrella, I'll take you home.

I want to take care of myself, I want to make sure I don't get sick,

make sure I'm at my best, and

I can give you the best.

instead of sacrificing myself to get a little sympathy from you, sometimes your efforts will put a burden on the other person.

the guilt you feel because of you is not moved.


well, I hope everyone can love themselves well from now on.

take care of your own business.

can you make your loved ones feel warm?

because to someone who loves you,

you mean everything to him.

take care of yourself.

is also a relief for him.

what you need to know is that

learn to love yourself

to be qualified to love others.