Let's break up and talk about it face to face, okay?

Let's break up and talk about it face to face, okay?

Don't send a message and Wechat will be over.


GG only learned that he had been broken up when he received a phone call.

boyfriend, no, ex-boyfriend sent her a lot of messages in the middle of the night. She watched the TV show with headphones and didn't hear it. When she saw the call answered, she threw out three words, "break up."

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when the call ended after the beep, she found that there had been four or five missed calls and more than a dozen unread messages. GG and her ex-boyfriend have been together for more than a year, and when they are together, the ex-boyfriend always asks her questioningly, "what exactly do you like about me?"

boys have been chasing GG for almost half a year. During that time, there are still many boys chasing GG, with excellent conditions and full horsepower. Finally, the day before Valentine's Day, the ex-boyfriend plucked up the courage to ask GG for dinner and watch a movie on Valentine's Day, and GG shyly agreed.

the ex-boyfriend said that the breakup was not because he didn't love or touch the principal. He felt that GG didn't like himself as much as he liked her in this relationship. It often takes a lot of phone calls to get through, and it takes several messages to get a response.

the ex-boyfriend said, "if you don't love me and you feel tired with me, let's split up."

GG who received the call looked confused.

she is very introverted and passive. in the past, she was always procrastinating when she fell in love. Although she liked each other, she was stingy to express her feelings.

she is always secretly shy and quietly happy.

when she received the invitation on the eve of Valentine's Day, she excitedly showed us Wechat, dancing like a child, "he asked me to spend Valentine's Day with him!"


two people swore to each other that they would be good to each other for the rest of their lives.

treat each other well for the rest of your life.

so after Maggie heard that his boyfriend's family had a plan to send him to study abroad, his attitude took a U-turn, like a different person, perfunctory with all the text messages, refusing every phone call, boyfriend's birthday, and just faintly saying good wishes and asking friends to bring gifts.

Maggie's boyfriend had no idea what had happened and hurriedly asked a friend to ask. Because of face-saving, Maggie refused to confess because he was afraid of dragging his boyfriend to go abroad and had no expectation of a foreign relationship.

she wrote in her moments that sometimes she pushed others away to protect herself and each other.

in her self-righteous protection, what she doesn't know is that her boyfriend is trying to do ideological work with her family to be good with her. The problem that two people were supposed to face together finally became a heavy burden on one's shoulders and suddenly became heavy.

"break up, since you feel tired." Maggie sends messages to her boyfriend, no, ex-boyfriend.

she heard from her friend that her boyfriend had a difficult relationship with his family recently as if to go abroad, so she took it for granted that letting go was the best decision.


Darling, please.

would you please tell me in person when you break up?

one last request before breaking up, please tell me to my face, let me finally confirm that you do not love and no longer, just like I was sure that I can have a future with you.

you left for no reason, but it makes people suspect that love requires two people to cheer each other up. If a person is working hard all the time, he will be very tired and will want to give up.

feelings are sometimes not as strong as they thought. Once one party shows weakness, retreats, and leaves timidly, the other person stands abruptly on the battlefield of feelings and can only face the outcome of losing his helmet and abandoning his armor, and running awkwardly.

I know you left the city the other day.

the other day I stood by the window and watched the plane take off from the left, depressing the buildings in the sky and suppressing all the excitement. I guess you should be in that plane and take it out of here for thousands of kilometers.

you leave with no logical reason, while I am still waiting with great expectation.

I don't know what you're running from.

Breaking up is not the only way to solve the problem.

if you haven't given up love,

then you remember that I will always wait for you.